rip to Japan, Wei Xiaobei was not just going to harvest divinity.

He had already made up his mind to go to the gray world of Japan to take a look.
However, the gray world of Japan is not a good place to go. If nothing else, the so-called eight million gods in Japanese legends alone know the dangers that exist in the gray world.
/Of course, Wei Xiaobei also knew that many of the so-called eight million gods were actually Japanese ghosts, but there were some powerful ones among them.
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei needed to be prepared before setting off!
Wei Xiaobei took out the dragon corpses from the storage ring.
These dragon carcasses were quickly dissected by Wei Xiaobei with a kitchen knife, and the juices in their bodies were stored in bottles. The skin, straws, and joints were placed in separate places.
It has to be said that with the dragon’s kitchen knife, it became much easier for Wei Xiaobei to dissect the dragon’s corpse.
There are thousands of dragon corpses, and Wei Xiaobei can kill them at a rate of one every two minutes.
Of course, because there were so many corpses, it was already two days later when the last dragon and snake corpse was decomposed.
Wei Xiaobei breathed out. Although this dragon is one of the ancient strange beasts, it is still a parasite. The body odor on its body is not so pleasant, especially the smell emitted by its body fluids, which still has a certain Anesthetic effect.
/This made Wei Xiaobei hold his breath during the dissection. After dissecting one end and putting the juice into the bottle, he took the time to breathe some fresh air.
Most of the straws were put into the storage ring by Wei Xiaobei, leaving only a hundred straws, which Wei Xiaobei planned to refine into arrows.
The sharpness of this straw can be seen from the kitchen knife. Therefore, if it is refined into arrows, Wei Xiaobei believes that even monsters with strong defenses will fall to the vibration of the bowstring of the ink bow. on the ground!
This time, Wei Xiaobei threw a hundred straws into the dragon fire cauldron. Of course, this was the limit of the dragon fire cauldron that could hold straws. Otherwise, if too many straws were thrown in, one would accidentally throw the dragon fire cauldron into the dragon fire cauldron. The fire cauldron poked a hole, and Wei Xiaobei really wanted to cry.
As usual, the dragon’s blood, gravel, and ambergris saliva were thrown in, causing the miniature fire dragon in the dragon fire cauldron to suddenly expand and solidify.
After the fire dragon turned all the hundred straws into liquid, Wei Xiaobei put the dragon’s joints into melt.
The straws will be refined into arrowheads, and the dragon’s joints will be refined into arrow shafts. As for the arrow feathers, they can be installed slowly after the Dragon Fire Cauldron is released.
After a lot of work, the arrow and arrow shaft were successfully refined. Wei Xiaobei integrated wind runes into the arrow shaft, which would make the refined arrow fly faster and more stable.
Finally, a soft sound came o