ses and human corpses that were beaten by gunfire are piled somewhere outside the wall, but the two piles of corpses are separated.

The materials in the base were also inventoried.
Fortunately for the Japanese people, there is still some food in the base. Especially after this war, the population of the base dropped from 28,000 to less than 5,000. This food is enough to sustain them for a month. .
“Let them start cooking.”
Wei Xiaobei asked Zhennu to pass on the message. Those Japanese people had been hungry all day today. They had done so many things despite being hungry and tired before. Now that they heard that they could cook, they all became excited. , under the arrangement of Lieutenant Takeda Ueno, they divided their work, those who washed the rice, those who made the fire, and those who washed the dishes became busy one by one. Even those who were not assigned to the cooking task were asked to Go out and forage for some vegetables.
In short, when Wei Xiaobei came to a certain part of the wall, none of the Japanese people noticed where Wei Xiaobei was going.
Standing in front of the two piles of corpses, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but sigh.
The previous battle between ghosts and humans was undoubtedly extremely tragic.
This is true for both ghosts and humans.
/People who have not seen it with their own eyes can never imagine how shocking the scene is when tens of thousands of corpses are piled together to form a hill.
Especially human corpses bring an inexplicable feeling to people.
Wei Xiaobei could only secretly rejoice at this moment. Fortunately, such a tragedy did not happen in the land of China.
Here, basically no corpse is complete, whether human or ghost.
Of course, compared to humans, the corpses of ghosts are more tattered. Most ghost corpses are full of bullet holes, and some are half-meat with no trace of ghosts at all.
After feeling for a while, Wei Xiaobei stretched out his right hand to grab the corpses. Layers of blue light began to emerge on the pile of corpses, and then the corpses began to quickly disappear into the air.
About ten minutes later, Wei Xiaobei turned pale and let out a breath.
Sending these two corpses into the Aoki Blessed Land was undoubtedly a trivial matter for Wei Xiaobei, but tens of thousands of corpses were no longer a trivial matter.
Wei Xiaobei almost fainted.
Afterwards, Wei Xiaobei entered the Qingmu Paradise and took a look. All the corpses were piled up around the locust tree, forming a large circle. Its height was almost as high as the locust tree.
So many corpses piled up here made the Yin Qi in the locust forest become more intense, and the Yin Qi even condensed liquid on some leaves.
Of course, it would probably take a long time for these corpses to be digested.
Wei Xiaobei then inspected the Greenwood Paradise and checked the growth of the World Tree.
The World Tree is growing well. Under the watering of the Wisdom Spring, more than ten young leaves have grown.
Compared to its crown, the root system of this world tree is extending crazily