r brother who appears near them!

As a result, as time goes by, the number of pen immortals and dish immortals becomes less and less.
Finally, when all the pen immortals and dish immortals were devoured, the glory of the giant pen immortals and dish immortals was restored.
It can be said that all the damage caused to them by Wei Xiaobei should have been recovered.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei, who was hiding in the gray mist, quietly descended towards the two big guys who were inextricably killed.
Wei Xiaobei’s purpose at this time was to steal the ink from the giant dish fairy!
/At this time, the giant Pen Immortal and Die Immortal seemed to be angry. Both sides turned into physical bodies and fought back and forth in the air more than a hundred meters high, sometimes hitting each other and sometimes attacking each other’s weak points.
It can be imagined that in such a battle, both sides have fought countless times before and are completely familiar with each other’s routines and weaknesses. Therefore, the battle scene looks simple and hot, but it directly points to the opponent’s fatal points. However, because The familiarity between the two sides makes it difficult for this battle to end in a short time.
Probably, if nothing else happens, both parties will find a place to hide and recover after their energy is exhausted.
Since Bixian and Diexian had very low sensitivity, and these two big guys were no exception, when Wei Xiaobei fell quietly, he did not attract the attention of the two at all.
Wei Xiaobei constantly controlled the speed of his fall according to the changes in the battle between the two sides, sometimes faster and sometimes slower. When the giant dish fairy was hit by the giant pen fairy’s pen tip and flew away, Wei Xiaobei suddenly accelerated his speed. The distance of more than 300 meters was reached in an instant, and the ink-and-ink spear stabbed the giant dish fairy flying backwards with great accuracy.
The giant dish fairy was completely unable to control his castration at this time, and the tip of the ink gun easily pierced the small pool of ink on the giant dish fairy!
When it hit the puddle of ink, the tip of the ink gun instantly lost its substance and entered the puddle of ink, as if there was a bottomless hole in the ink.
Wei Xiaobei did not dare to take any chances. As soon as the gun was retracted, the pool of ink immediately clung to the tip of the gun, and all the gun and ink were put into the storage ring.
After doing all this, how could Wei Xiaobei still fight with the giant dish fairy? He turned around and ran away!
It can be said that Wei Xiaobei’s escape speed reached the extreme at this time, and the people almost became phantom figures as they shuttled through the air.
Undoubtedly, Wei Xiaobei’s act of stealing the ink completely angered the giant dish fairy.
As soon as he escaped less than two hundred meters, Wei Xiaobei felt the familiar power of the curse coming over him. In an instant, Wei Xiaobei felt a gray aura wrapped around his soul. This a