rabbed him and ran upwards with all his strength. His speed increased to the extreme after more than ten steps. He suddenly exhaled and threw Xu Ying towards the jade coffin!

Xu Ying flew through the air and was about to hit the jade coffin. Suddenly, his figure was like a swimming fish. He patted the jade coffin lightly, released his strength, slid against the jade coffin, and came to the coffin lid.
Xu Ying reached out and grabbed the purple fairy grass. He felt happy and pulled it out with all his strength. Unexpectedly, the fairy grass was deeply rooted in the gap of the jade coffin.
He looked into the coffin, and through the jade coffin, he could vaguely see a majestic being wearing an emperor’s coffin and an emperor’s robe.
Even though the man was lying in the coffin, he could not hide his dignity. There was a round halo behind his head, and there seemed to be a vast world floating in the halo.
The rhizome of the purple fairy grass actually penetrated into the eyes, ears, mouth and nose of the great emperor at this moment, and penetrated into his body along his facial features!
“This immortal elixir is also a seal!”
Xu Ying suddenly realized that the elixir of immortality was planted on the jade coffin with evil intentions. He wanted to use the power of this rare plant to extract the power of the person in the coffin!
The physical cultivation of the great emperor in the coffin is the nourishment for the elixir of immortality!
“The man in the coffin was suppressed on such a large scale. He should be like me and not a bad person, right? Then if I save him, I will save myself!”
Xu Ying comforted himself in his heart, gritted his teeth, and pulled off a leaf from the purple fairy plant.
There were not many leaves on the purple fairy plant, with a total of seven leaves. Xu Ying’s hands were like flying, and he quickly pulled out the fairy plant until it was bare, leaving not a single leaf.
The purple fairy plant was in severe pain, causing it to twitch all over. It immediately pulled out its roots, stood up, and swung its roots towards Xu Ying!
Xu Ying was slapped, and his skin and flesh were immediately torn. He kept retreating to avoid the offensive of the purple fairy plant.
At this time, he saw the man in the coffin open his eyes.
Xu Ying was startled. They were four eyes. They were divided into left and right eyes, two at the top and two at the bottom.
Those eyes were bright, and the light filled the jade coffin, making the jade coffin somewhat reflective.
The purple immortal plant had no idea that a disaster was approaching, and was still angrily attacking Xu Ying. With sharp eyes, Xu Ying saw figures approaching quickly reflected on the coffin board, and his heart beat violently: “It’s those immortal corpses!”
He didn’t care much and immediately turned over and slid down the coffin board.
/The moment he slid down, the coffin lid suddenly flew up, and the purple fairy plant with its bare head was also thrown out.
“Deserve it!”
/Xu Ying laughed loudly and was about to rush down when suddenly