ted hundreds of ordinary people. The material reserves in the altar of life were consumed a lot, and now Just in time to supplement.

It should be said that these giant snakes are not high in biological level, but they are huge in size and are still very powerful in replenishing material.
While absorbing the corpse of the giant snake to replenish materials, those ordinary people set off again.
By the time the giant snake corpse was absorbed, most of the material reserves in the altar of life had been restored.
And not long after, Pu Ren came back with a large group of giant snakes.
Compared with last time, the number of giant snakes this time was much larger, more than a thousand.
Obviously, the last batch of giant snakes that had not returned after chasing the common people had attracted the attention of the giant snakes, so the number of giant snakes that came this time more than tripled.
But the giant snake’s weakness had been firmly grasped by Wei Xiaobei.
Not to mention thousands of giant snakes, as long as the wine cans carried by ordinary people are not used up, no matter how many giant snakes come, they will be dead.
After repeating this process several times, the piled up corpses of the giant snakes formed hills.
At this time, the number of giant snakes near the huge volcano has dropped to less than a thousand, and these giant snakes are all three or four meters long, and are young snakes that have just emerged from their eggs!
It can be said that if Yamata no Orochi does not show up anymore, these giant snakes will all be destroyed.
Of course, in terms of the reproductive capacity of the Yamata no Orochi, even if all the giant snakes are wiped out, their population will quickly increase again after the next time they lay eggs.
But for Yamata no Orochi, it would be too much of a slap in the face if all the giant snakes were destroyed.
So when the young snakes faced the approaching common people and let out whining screams, the magma in the huge volcano immediately began to roll.
/Huge snake heads rose up from the crater one after another, and their huge eyes with cold light stared at the ordinary people in an instant.
/The power as huge as sea water swept out in an instant and pressed down on those ordinary people.
But after the power came, those ordinary people still insisted on breaking the wine cans on their bodies one after another, and then fell down under the suppression of the power.
It has to be said that at this time, the Yamata no Orochi was extremely furious. It rarely sprayed fireballs, but spiraled down from the huge volcano, opened its huge mouth and sucked at those ordinary people.
A huge suction force was generated instantly, sucking up those people who were paralyzed on the ground and putting them into their mouths.
Under the pull of this huge suction force, not only the ordinary people were sucked into the mouth of the Yamata no Orochi, but also the broken wine jars and even the wine flowing on the ground were sucked in.
Yamata no Orochi closed its huge mouth and stoo