ays pressed her chest when she was emotional. After all, the buttons of many clothes nowadays were just sewed.

“Dan Dan, these days, I have been trying my best to give you lectures. Don’t you understand why? How can you call your teacher like this?” Liu Changan was disappointed. Even though he was a very patient person, he felt that he was so After doing useless work for a long time, he was still very emotional. Even though Shangguan Dandan listened very seriously to the class, he did not regard him as a teacher at all. His plan of being a teacher for a day and a father for a lifetime was ineffective. There is no way to offset the identity relationship between the two.
Liu Changan actually called countless parents and elders by their names, and he didn’t care much about it, because those people have all returned to dust, or will eventually be annihilated, but this one is still alive, which inevitably makes people feel a little embarrassed.
It was useless for Liu Changan to break away. Qin Yanan still hugged Liu Changan’s arm and pulled him away from the coffin.
/Liu Changan could even hear Qin Yanan’s teeth chattering.
“Are you really talking to the dead person in the coffin?” Qin Yanan leaned against the wall of the carriage, hugged Liu Changan’s arm tightly, carefully stretched out his head, and looked over from Liu Changan’s side.
“Can you let go of my hand and pull on your sleeve?” Liu Changan still insisted on what he cared about, “That’s not a dead person, at most it’s a zombie. To be precise, from a biological definition, I think she is A living dead.”
“There is no definition of the living dead in biology!” Qin Yanan screamed, and Liu Changan finally broke free of his arm, but also grabbed his sleeves and waist.
“Do you need it? Calm down.”
/“What’s wrong with a girl who just screams when something horrible like this happens?” Qin Yanan breathed nervously, with obvious traces of a straightened trachea on her neck.
“Girl? I think if you are over twenty years old, you should call yourself a woman, not to mention you are already twenty-five, so you are no longer young.”
Liu Changan was hammered hard.
“Just now, I really heard it just now. Someone was calling son, or second son, or moth or something.”
“Yes, so I said there is really someone in the coffin, and she is Shangguan Dandan. Otherwise, how could I use the topic of Liu He and Shangguan Dandan to persuade her to speak out.”
Qin Yanan came back to his senses and remembered the main purpose of coming in with Liu Changan. It was no longer just to feel that he was in some “horror house” or something like a place to feel the supernatural atmosphere.
“Get out, let’s go out first.” Qin Yanan pulled Liu Changan.
There is not much left by the setting sun outside the carriage, and the evening air is steaming under the shade of the trees. Zhou Dongdong is still sitting in his original position, quietly and seriously doing what seems to be the only important thing in a child’s life.
Qin Yanan sat back in her seat. There were no cold dishes made from puff