aint green light.

Presumably this land should be clearly identified from this waist badge.
“It turns out to be Mr. Wei. How about inviting Mr. Wei to the temple for a sip of tea?”
The Earth God’s expression became a little respectful at this time, as if he was a little afraid of offending Wei Xiaobei, so he invited Wei Xiaobei enthusiastically.
Although Wei Xiaobei doubted that the Land Guild would want to do anything, after a blink of an eye, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly in his heart. If he wanted to harm himself, it was enough just now, so there was no need to do it later.
After sorting it out in his mind, Wei Xiaobei felt that there was nothing worthy of the other party’s seeking wealth and death, and he also had some confidence in the little girl, so he nodded in agreement.
After receiving Wei Xiaobei’s agreement, the Earth God couldn’t help but feel a little happy. Then he slapped the Panlong staff on the ground. Wei Xiaobei felt his eyes blurred. When he could see clearly again, he found that he had arrived in front of the small temple.
“Distinguished guests, please come in.”
/As the voice of the Earth God rang out, the closed temple door slowly opened, and one could see two rows of people standing behind the temple door, their upper bodies covered with black mist, and their lower bodies covered with black mist, wearing short gray cloth jackets.
The Earth God led the way, but he was not idle: “The small temple is located in a remote place. No one usually comes here, but today I met an honored guest. It is really brilliant.”
“Xiao Si, go and make tea quickly. Xiao Wu, go get some local fruits.”
As the orders were issued, the Black Mist people responded one by one, and no one saw their bodies swaying. They just drifted away, leaving only the four Black Mist people waiting at the door.
Tu Di Gong has already led Wei Xiaobei into a lobby. The host and guest sat down on both sides. The Black Mist man brought tea and fruit.
Seeing that Wei Xiaobei’s eyes had not left these black mist people, the landowner introduced him with a smile: “Mr. Wei, these eight people are Yin Ding under the little god. Because their cultivation is still shallow, they cannot have human form. They are no better than those Taoist soldiers guarding the mountain in Baita Mountain, and they made Mr. Wei laugh.”
Yin Ding?
It must be the ghost of Tu Tu’s subordinate, right?
Wei Xiaobei was thinking in his mind, but he said a few words of praise.
It was obvious that this earthly master also loved saving face. After hearing Wei Xiaobei’s praise, he felt even more happy and hurriedly invited Wei Xiaobei to taste tea and fruits.
Even though the Tudigong had a kind face and the tea was fragrant, Wei Xiaobei did not dare to be careless and threw an attribute probe into the tea. Anyway, as long as he did not throw the attribute probe at the Tudigong, the Tudigong would not Discover.
When the properties of this tea appeared in his mind, Wei Xiaobei knew that he had come to the right place this time.
Name: Ford Tea.