ball approaches.

Of course, even without these characteristics, with the Great Dark Lord’s induction of Amaterasu’s clone, he can easily find the hiding place of Amaterasu’s clone.
“There’s Amaterasu’s clone hidden down there!”
Wei Xiaobei pointed to the boiling sea below and said.
When the Lord of Darkness saw the boiling sea, anger appeared in his eyes, as if he saw a bullfighting with red cloth. He took the lead and plunged into the sea water, rushing towards the bottom of the sea.
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei understood the extent of the hatred between the Lord of Darkness and Amaterasu.
At this time, the Great Dark Lord didn’t even have to be careful about Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei took a step slower and rushed into the sea water together with the two Golden Crow clones.
The position of Amaterasu’s clone is easy to identify. If you look straight down, you can see a blur of red light.
As the distance got closer, the red light gradually turned into gold.
However, before Wei Xiaobei could clearly see the clone of Tianzhao, the Dark Lord who rushed to the bottom of the sea was already fighting with him.
In an instant, the bottom of the sea that was originally visible was filled with mud, and the bubbles stirred up, completely blurring the vision.
/The black giant’s fist transformed by the Great Dark Lord kept hitting the huge fireball, and the huge fireball was not to be outdone, and kept spitting out extremely hot light and heat, burning the black giant.
Go ahead or wait a while?
Wei Xiaobei hesitated for a moment, then his eyes became firm.
Come on, why not?
Wei Xiaobei’s two Golden Crow clones immediately jumped into the battle group and launched an attack against the huge fireball together with the black giant. However, Wei Xiaobei’s body was not involved and instead floated just short of the sea surface. Ten meters away, he quietly stared at the battle group that was beginning to intensify.
It has to be said that the Amaterasu clone that transformed into a huge fireball was really powerful. When it fought with the Great Dark Lord, it almost completely suppressed the opponent. After that, even if the two Golden Crow clones joined the battle, they only leveled the situation, slightly. Just gain a little upper hand.
In addition to punches and kicks, the battle mode between the Lord of Darkness and the Lord of Darkness consisted of the black mist and the light and heat consuming each other, while the two Golden Crow clones desperately devoured the light and heat released by the Amaterasu clone.
/As a result, as time passed, the huge fireball transformed by Amaterasu’s clone seemed to be unable to support it.
With the Great Lord of Darkness killing it and the two Golden Crow clones devouring it, the light and heat released by the Amaterasu clones are endless and completely at a loss.
The Amaterasu clone can also feel the threat from the two Golden Crow clones to itself.
In addition, near the sea, there seemed to be an enemy staring at him eagerly.
As a result, after the battle lasted for less t