He does not want middlemen to appear, which will weaken the influence of Ertuo Arms.

As for the customer’s unwillingness to sign the agreement, neither David nor President Crabb ever considered it. The advantage of a monopoly business is that the seller has the final say.
“Yes, Admiral David!” President Crabb calmed down and responded loudly.
President Crabb knows one thing deeply. At the Federal Equipment Exhibition two days later, he and Erto Arms will become the leaders of federal melee weapons, and they will also be the kind of leaders that no one can follow.
David looked at this production base again. From now on, this place will only be open for less than two hours a day, and will stop after the production of one thousand high-grade alchemy pattern weapons.
This is also the reason why the production base is placed in this villa. The production pressure is too low and the product value is too high. Even if safety protection is in place, it is not as safe as direct production and processing on the Origin Star.
In the Origin Star Commercial Street, Erto Arms purchased a building and is undergoing emergency renovations. It is expected that the renovations will be completed after the Federal Equipment Exhibition.
At that time, it will become the external display and liaison office of Erto Arms, where customer reception and negotiation will be completed.
/After David left, President Crabb and Attorney James sat in the conference room. They were very busy at work and had to handle many matters remotely every day.
“Attorney James, can you tell me how to arrange the security personnel sent by General David?” Before starting work, President Crabb asked Attorney James.
To be honest, President Crabb still didn’t know how to properly arrange the ten security personnel arranged by General David.
However, according to Admiral David’s instructions, he arranged for three of the security personnel to return to the Erto Fund headquarters, led by Master Alva.
Of the seven remaining security officers, President Crabb wanted to hear from Barrister James.
Because President Crabb didn’t know if these security personnel were arranged by General David to monitor them. Now that he was at the level of General David, even if General David reassured them, it would still be a waste to arrange for trustworthy personnel to monitor them. normal.
“President Crabb, you are overthinking. Admiral David said these are security personnel, that is, security personnel, responsible for protecting us!” Barrister James shook his head and said with a smile.
“But I asked Hansam Chaofan, and he didn’t see the strength of these security personnel!” President Crabb said in a lowered voice.
Hansam is the extraordinary bodyguard of President Crabb. As the manager of the top super consortium in the Federation, he has a full-time extraordinary bodyguard responsible for his safety.
/“It’s very simple. Let Hansam Chaofan fight with one of the security personnel, wouldn’t you know?” Barrister James said very directly.
“You also have this idea, then g