our international credibility has been greatly improved.

It’s a pity that the Holy See stopped too quickly. If they had continued, our profits could have been even greater. ”
Marquis Delgado said happily.
It is difficult to be the finance minister. In order to raise the eight million in cash for such a large Alpha Kingdom, the Ministry of Finance has no choice but to find someone to borrow money.
Fortunately, the Alpha Kingdom has made a profit from this run, otherwise we really don’t know how it will end.
/“Don’t be dissatisfied, it’s already very good if you can make a profit this time.
If the Holy See continues to toss regardless of everything, we can only drag them along and lose both sides.
After all, we have borrowed all the war bonds we can. If this bond exchange war continues, it will really consume our cash flow.
At that point, the best-case scenario is to wait until the Holy See holds a large number of war bonds and declare a debt default. ”
The Grand Duke of Newfoundland said angrily.
The Alpha Kingdom now seems to have infinite scenery, but in fact it is dancing on the edge of a cliff. Once the bonds in your hands are exhausted, the arbitrage game can no longer be played.
Being able to convince domestic nobles to lend out their bonds does not mean that they can also convince foreign creditors.
The promise of “keeping accounts” is also valid for your own family. Outsiders are more willing to believe in a contract than an illusory promise.
“Use the extra cash to reduce your debt holdings! Especially those high-interest bonds, as soon as you receive them, pay them back immediately to save interest expenses.
In other aspects, it can still save high-ranking officials from holding huge debts, which is very detrimental to the development of the kingdom.
Strive to repay a portion every year and strive to pay off all the kingdom’s debts within eight years. ”
Caesar IV said slowly.
The “eight-year” goal is not set casually. But after eight years, all the debts of the Alpha Kingdom will gradually mature.
If repayment is not carried out in advance, when full payment begins, the kingdom will be bankrupt.
There is no such thing as retirement for a king. At Caesar IV’s age, he will still be in his prime after eight years. If you want to pass the blame to the next person irresponsibly, you have no chance to do it.
Setting an eight-year debt repayment target also means that the Alpha Kingdom must recuperate in the next eight years.
Deep down in their hearts, the ministers breathed a sigh of relief. Their requirements for Caesar IV are not high, as long as they don’t mess around.
Lie flat, it doesn’t matter. According to the current system of the Alpha Kingdom, even if there is no central government, the noble lords still manage the local area properly.
Eight years later, these veterans have completed their final mission, and it is time to give up their positions to young people.
From the emperor to the present, Caesar IV has not replaced any of his ministers, which is enough to give ever