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In an instant, Asura’s attribute table appeared in front of Wei Xiaobei’s eyes.
I won’t go into details about the specific data.
These Asuras should be considered elite.
Compared with the Asuras that Wei Xiaobei has seen before, they are much stronger. Most of them have ordinary four-star strength, but the leading Asura with three heads and nine arms has shockingly reached four-star strength. Star’s terrifying strength!
/Alas, Wei Xiaobei’s hand that was about to take out the flaming Suzaku Talisman from the storage ring stopped.
The highest is four-star horror?
For ordinary gray world practitioners, four-star terror combined with more than three hundred four-star ordinary ones is simply an irresistible disaster.
But for Wei Xiaobei, it was far from being able to test the power of the Flame Suzaku Talisman.
No matter what, it would be better to test the Flame Vermilion Bird Talisman on a four-star calamity guy.
Let’s put it this way, if there was an Asura King among this group of Asuras, Wei Xiaobei would just throw the Flame Vermilion Bird Talisman out without saying a word.
But these Asuras were really not worthy of letting Wei Xiaobei use the Flame Suzaku Talisman.
/But even so, Wei Xiaobei did not intend to let them go. Instead, he took out dozens of talisman papers and started tracing them on the talisman papers with the thunder and lightning mercury in his fingers.
Wei Xiaobei stood on the white clouds drawing talismans. The Asuras below were not idle either. They jumped excitedly on the ridge for a while, and then dozens of Asuras returned along the original path.
And when Wei Xiaobei had finished drawing more than fifty talismans, the Asuras who had left came back again, and there were more humans, as many as thousands of them.
This group of returning Asuras is different. There are many extremely beautiful beauties among them, as well as many Asura boys and girls. At the same time, they are all carrying large and small bags, and they look like they have moved thousands of miles. Posture.
Wei Xiaobei has heard about the beauties of Asura for a long time. Whether it is the myths and legends of Tianzhu or some Buddhist scriptures related to the eight tribes of Tianlong, the Asura clan is mentioned. The men are extremely ugly, and the women are extremely ugly. It is as beautiful as a flower.
In fact, during the war in heaven, it was not entirely Asura who initiated the war. A big reason for this was the women of the Asura clan.
Those heavenly beings had delicious food but no beautiful women, so they focused on the women of the Asura clan. As a result, the two clans peeped at each other, were jealous of each other, and had many conflicts, and finally a war in the heavens broke out!
Well, if it were anyone else, seeing that the other party has beauties, teenagers, and children, they might become soft-hearted.
But Wei Xiaobei is different. He will not be tempted by beauty, nor will he put these asuras into China unprincipled because of beauties!
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