y linked to the Aoki Blessed Land. The Aoki Blessed Land is immortal and Wei Xiaobei is immortal!

For this reason alone, any treasure that increases lifespan would have no effect on Wei Xiaobei.
But even so, just the two effects of strengthening the spirit and making the body lighter are of great value to Wei Xiaobei.
Besides, even if this chalcedony has no effect on Wei Xiaobei, Wei Xiaobei can still give this chalcedony to Tu Qingqing, Wei’s father, Wei’s mother, and others.
The effect on Tu Qingqing may not be very strong, but for Wei’s father and mother and others, the effect of this chalcedony may be a bit unbelievable.
You must know that various treasures produced in the gray world will have more or less side effects for mortals.
Take True Dragon’s Blood as an example. If experienced practitioners like Wei Xiaobei take it, they will have a certain chance of activating the True Dragon’s blood that may exist in their bodies.
But if it is given to mortals like this, the biggest result may be that the person will be directly burned to death, frozen to death, or poisoned to death.
The powerful energy contained in the blood of a true dragon is difficult for mortals to absorb, and thus can be vented and kill people.
So far, among the treasures Wei Xiaobei has obtained, very few have minor or no side effects.
Except for the fountain of youth water and some low-quality dishes cooked by Wei Xiaobei, Wei Xiaobei really couldn’t find any treasures without side effects.
The high-quality dishes cooked by Wei Xiaobei may be life-threatening if given to ordinary mortals.
But the fountain of youth water can only extend life, and has no other effects at all.
/The emergence of chalcedony supplements the shortcomings of the fountain of youth.
The only problem now is that the output of this chalcedony is uncertain. We can only ask after the Jade Ping Jing wakes up. After all, there is no introduction to the chalcedony output on the Jade Ping Jing’s attribute table.
The chalcedony matter is almost over here for the time being.
Wei Xiaobei tied the Jade Bottle Essence around his neck with a rope, and then disappeared. When he reappeared, it was in the southeast corner of Qingmu Paradise, about eighty kilometers away from the Central Mountain Range.
The terrain here is one continuous plain.
This is not surprising. The Aoki Blessed Land was first opened. Except for the central mountain range, the rest of the land is plain terrain with unobstructed views. At most, there are some more woods and lakes.
Wei Xiaobei was suspended in the air, his right hand stretched out, and he lightly grabbed the plain below.
/Suddenly, Aoki Blessed Land responded to Wei Xiaobei’s actions, and the flat plain began to shake violently.
Not long after, the earth began to squeeze together, causing the ground to bulge rapidly in some places.
This shaking of the earth spread throughout the Aoki Blessed Land, and even where the humans gathered, everyone became frightened.
You know, even when Guochang Daran ordered to invade the Aoki Blessed L