er of his mouth and looked in Wei Yu’s direction.

What a little beauty in the foundation-building stage, with beautiful and smooth lines, and a cauldron that he can play with for ten years without getting tired of it.
After once again confirming that Lu Bei was unconscious, Shi Gu took out a packet of medicinal powder with his backhand, spread it out proudly, opened the curtain with one hand, and swung it towards
In his sight, a hand suddenly appeared from behind and pressed on the back of his hand.
Shi Gu’s eyes flashed, and he secretly said something sinister. Fortunately, the problem was not big. He had traveled all over the country for many years without being caught. In addition to being cautious, he relied on his talent in physical training. After years of polishing, his muscle strength far exceeded that of the monks at the same time who built the foundation.
With such a weak palm, he only needed to push it lightly
There was a crisp sound, and Shi Gu opened his mouth wide in pain. The next second, his arm folded back, and his mouth was filled with ecstasy powder.
The effect was immediate and he knew nothing about it after that.
[You defeated Li Chao and gained 20,000 experience]
“Uncle Junior, what are you doing?”
When Wei Yu heard the movement, she turned around and was startled.
Lu Bei was seen holding Shi Gu in his arms, covering his mouth with one hand, with their chests touching their backs, a very indecent posture.
“Nothing happened, I caught a thief.”
“A thief?”
The carriage stopped on the roadside. Wei Yu looked up at Li Chao, who was hanging in the air with his hands and feet tied behind his back. She picked up a branch from the ground and poked him in the face.
“Uncle Junior, is this person really a thief?”
/“Replacement guaranteed.”
/Lu Bei took out the items from the Qiankun bag and stuffed bags of suspected Mengmei and Menghan medicinal powder into his arms.
Some strange porcelain vases were written with words such as “Hehuan Powder”, “Buddha Shows His Head”, and “Fairy Never Stops at Night”. He couldn’t understand any of them, and he had never heard of them.
Collect it, collect it all.
“He is a prostitute, why didn’t I notice it? It doesn’t look like him!”
Wei Yu asked out of curiosity: “Little Master Uncle, how did you tell that he was a prostitute?”
“I didn’t see it. At first I was just surprised that he was going to Hongling County, but he was going in the opposite direction, so I gave him a chance to prove himself. He was very good and took advantage of it.”
Lu Bei looked at Wei Yu who was thoughtful, cleared away all the large and small porcelain bottles, and reminded with a serious face: “Don’t learn, the water here is very deep, if you learn, you will only be mastered by others.”
“Little Master Uncle, who are you looking down on?” Wei Yu was very unconvinced.
“Humph, I knew you would say that.”
Lu Bei said angrily: “I have been to Hongling County and drove for about two days. If you don’t accept it, I will secretly attack and drug you in the past two days. If