oubtedly, Wei Xiaobei’s silence made Taibai Jinxing feel the pressure.

After coughing slightly, Taibai Jinxing came to Wei Xiaobei, with a smile on his face and cupped his hands towards Wei Xiaobei: “Congratulations, Your Majesty!”
“Where does joy come from?”
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but smile and asked.
Wow, Taibai Jinxing then took out a roll of bright yellow stuff from his sleeve and shook it gently. The bright yellow stuff suddenly turned into an imperial edict suspended in front of him. There were seven-colored auspicious clouds floating on both sides of the imperial edict. During the two A golden baby dragon wanders back and forth, looking golden and shining, which is really amazing.
/Then, the Taibai Jinxing began to declare: “The Supreme Supreme Kaitian holds the talisman of Yu Li Hanzhen Physique before the Emperor Wu Tianyu, and personally inherits the imperial edict! The edict says: There is no alien bloodline of a spiritual beast in front of a mortal body, and there is no outstanding one in the back. Immortal inheritance, you are a mortal, but you are able to rise up in the wilderness, fight fiercely in the wild, and be as strong as a golden crow. In order to show the grace of heaven, I specially ennoble you as Lord of the Stars, with golden writings, and purple inscriptions coming far away!”
This Taibai Jinxing rambled on for more than three thousand words, and it just ended.
Wei Xiaobei was a little stunned at this time. He knew about Lord Aung Sui.
Aungsu is one of the twenty-eight constellations, and Aungsu is naturally one of the twenty-eight stars.
And the Lord of the Pleiades is called the Angri Chicken!
According to this, although the Pleiades Star King is inferior to Taibai Venus in the heaven, it is not too low.
“Lord Pleiades, why don’t you thank me quickly?!”
Seeing that Wei Xiaobei didn’t move after listening to the imperial edict, Taibaijinxing couldn’t help but cupped his hands toward the sky and reminded him loudly.
“Oh, thanks!”
Wei Xiaobei also imitated Taibai Jinxing, raised his hands towards the sky and said.
Well, when Taibai Jinxing saw Wei Xiaobei’s actions, he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.
According to the formal gratitude ceremony, you should at least kneel down, call yourself a minister, thank the Jade Emperor, etc.
But Wei Xiaobei was so good that he just cupped his hand and said thank you. This was extremely arrogant.
But Taibaijinxing can’t do it either. The heaven now is no better than before.
When it comes to the Lord of the Stars, the Jade Emperor is not willing to give it to him, but he never expected that a piece of news would soon come through.
The Eighteen Arhats from the Pure Land of Buddhism went out, but were defeated in front of Wei Xiaobei! Only one Arhat escaped, and all the other Arhats were killed!
It should be said that the Buddhist Pure Land is undoubtedly the greatest threat to heaven now.
/Even many departments in heaven were invaded by Buddhism. For example, although King Li Tianwang of Tota Tower was not a Buddhist, his eldest s