lly encountered these beings, Qing Niu wouldn’t be optimistic about it.

After a lot of effort, Qing Niu told Wei Xiaobei a lot of secrets about heaven, which really opened Wei Xiaobei’s eyes.
But the more this happened, the more Wei Xiaobei felt his own insignificance.
Undoubtedly, compared to the thousands of years of accumulation of those great emperors, great gods, demon kings, and god kings, my current accumulation is extremely small.
Just think about it and you will know, what will the world controlled by others look like now?
Of course, that doesn’t mean that Wei Xiaobei has no hope of confronting him.
To put it bluntly, the worlds controlled by those great emperors, great gods, demon kings, god kings, etc. are not worlds created by themselves. In this regard, compared with Wei Xiaobei, they have less potential.
The Aoki Blessed Land created by Wei Xiaobei belongs to him from beginning to end, and its growth potential is amazing. Given time, the Aoki Blessed Land will not be worse than those worlds.
But having said that, Wei Xiaobei felt that Master Qingniu seemed to have said too much today.
Sure enough, after finishing the matter, Master Qingniu sighed softly and said something that made Wei Xiaobei’s expression change.
It turns out that Master Qingniu is leaving!
/“Master, why bother leaving? Isn’t it good to stay here with the disciple? Or is the disciple neglecting you?”
Wei Xiaobei doesn’t want the great god Qing Niu to leave. You know, with Qing Niu here, Wei Xiaobei doesn’t have to worry too much no matter what kind of existence is stuffed into the Qingmu Paradise.
The reason is that Qing Niu is in charge!
Although Wei Xiaobei can no longer see the strength of Master Qingniu, according to calculations, Master Qingniu’s strength may have returned to the five-star level!
That’s right. If Master Qingniu doesn’t have five-star level strength, how can he explain these things to Wei Xiaobei?
I just don’t know what the world controlled by Master Qingniu is like, so I would like to visit it if I have the chance.
Wei Xiaobei tried hard to persuade him to stay, but Qing Niu was a little tempted, but ultimately refused.
No way, Qingniu doesn’t want to stay here, but Laojun calls him. If Qingniu doesn’t go back, it will be difficult to handle when Laojun comes to visit.
In the end, Wei Xiaobei could only admit the reality, and tried his best to cook a table of delicious food for Master Qingniu as a farewell to his master.
/Qing Niu left quietly. After eating and drinking, Wei Xiaobei was about to clear away the dishes and chat with his master for a few words. When he turned his head, he found that Master Qing Niu had disappeared without a trace.
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but be stunned. The bowls and chopsticks in his hands fell to the ground, and a faint sadness could not help but surge into his heart.
Wei Xiaobei could hardly count the benefits that Master Qingniu had given him.
Wei Xiaobei secretly swore in his heart that when he is strong enough, he will find his master!
In the following