. Don’t forget that this is the country of gold. There are a lot of gold mines in the upper reaches of the Fengyu River.”

The black scarf assassin said: “On the contrary, it is more likely that he is interested in the women around you, so he plans to kill you. Many big shots don’t care about money, but they are complete perverts.”
“Will the government forces unite with Vulture Castle?” Hull asked.
“Are you testing me?” The black scarf assassin was very sensitive: “I said this that day, after all, I was trying to help you out. Do you doubt me because of this?”
/“Other than Vulture Castle, who else could pile up so many corpses next to our camp without anyone noticing?” Hull asked.
“Who else doesn’t know about this?” Hull asked.
“Do you think anyone can know this? Eliminating traces is the specialty of assassins, and it is a very advanced skill. Apart from assassins, I am afraid that only senior scouts who are good at searching know it.”
The black scarf assassin said.
While he was talking, suddenly rapid gunshots were heard in the distance.
Several of the dozen hyena men who were cleaning up the battlefield were knocked down immediately. The surviving hyena men reacted very quickly. They hid behind the rocks and fired their guns. However, their marksmanship was very poor. Shooting aimlessly.
There was a melee here, and Hull had already escaped. He regretted not arranging his troops for warning and defense just now.
He had been in the army before. Although he had never been an officer, he still knew what to do after encountering an attack, but he just didn’t remember it for a moment.
Now the situation has become a mess. The largest number of soldiers under him are hyena guerrillas, but now the hyenas are either chasing those defeated soldiers, or they are busy cleaning the battlefield, and they are all being stared at in the mountainous area.
The only thing left to rely on is the heavy firepower of the Antelope.
But when Hel heard the rumble coming from the ground, his expression immediately turned ugly.
The billowing smoke and dust came closer and closer, and only the cavalry could have such momentum.
The other arms in the Black Continent are absolutely lagging behind, and there is only one that is very advanced, and that is the cavalry.
These cavalry actually climbed over the mountain in front to kill them. No wonder the prophecy magicians under their command did not notice their existence. These cavalry must have been hiding far away at first. After the battle here, they suddenly Kill here.
This was the real surprise. Neither Hull nor the Black Turban Assassin could tell whether this cavalry was an ally of the group of ambushers just now.
“Tu tu tu tu” the six-barrel rotating rapid-fire cannon spit out tongues of fire more than two feet long. In the panic, the antelope men had no time to aim. They only knew to shoot at the standing things.
Countless blood flowers bloomed in the desert. Whether it was the retreating hyena guerrillas or the enemy’s cavalry, they all fell in the blooming blood flowers