gical powers.

The divine sun spear turned into a stream of flames in an instant and headed straight for Sitting Deer Arhat!
In an instant, the Luohan Sitting Deer felt threatened. He dared not stay where he was, so he turned around and ran away!
But after the deer-sitting Arhat escaped for a certain distance, he was shocked to find that he was unable to escape left, right, up and down, and could only escape in the direction of the sun spear.
But the speed of the Sun God Spear was so fast that the Arhat Sitting Deer could not escape from its shooting range even with all his strength!
A ray of fire chased after Arhat Sitting Deer, and in an instant it penetrated through Arhat Sitting Deer’s back, opening a large hole in his chest, and a stream of golden blood immediately spurted out from the hole, like spring water. generally.
At this time, the deer-sitting Arhat could no longer control his body and fell towards the sea in an instant.
Seeing that the Sitting Deer Arhat suffered such a heavy blow, the other Arhats immediately became anxious.
Some Arhats launched an attack on Wei Xiaobei, some Arhats came to rescue the Arhat Sitting on a Deer, and one of the Arhats stretched out his hand, trying to capture Wei Xiaobei’s Sun Spear!
Naturally, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t let the Detective Arhat take his weapon away.
Although the Sun Spear has its own wisdom, it is still just a big spear. If it is not controlled by the owner, it is difficult to say that it will not be held by the magic power of the Arhat.
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei made a move with his right hand. Even when the scouting Arhat was about to grab the Sun Divine Spear with both hands, a golden light appeared above the Sun Divine Spear. In an instant, the Sun Divine Spear disappeared and reappeared. By then, it had already returned to Wei Xiaobei’s hands.
/At this time, the severely injured Arhat Sitting on a Deer had returned to the air, and most of the large holes that penetrated his chest and back had disappeared, leaving only a few scars with golden light flashing on them, and they were recovering quickly.
This scene made Wei Xiaobei feel a little shocked.
You must know that the Sun Divine Spear has the ability to break souls with sharpness. In other words, as long as it is penetrated by the Sun Divine Spear, even the soul will be killed!
Although the Arhat Sitting on a Deer is powerful, with the ability of the Sun Spear, even if he has strong recovery ability, his soul will be severely damaged and unable to recover.
/But the other party happened to recover.
Wei Xiaobei immediately recalled the memory left in his mind by the previous surrounding scenes, and in an instant, he understood.
In the process of treating Arhat Sitting on a Deer, the one who contributed the most was probably the Meditating Arhat!
Even though he always looked like he was meditating, but after the Sitting Deer Arhat was severely injured, he stretched out a finger and pointed at the Sitting Deer Arhat, and a piece of golden light immediately appeared on the wound of the Sit