s done in order to cut off the communication channels of the Debreton people.

In addition, Gear also used a poisonous move to publicize throughout the northern part of the Black Continent what kind of gains the pirates had gained after Tunisia was defeated.
At this time, those bandits who did not heed Chalon’s call to join the pirate group were all feeling itchy. They naturally set their sights on other cities besides Tunisia, such as Cairo and Alexandria, where there was gold and wealth everywhere. oily place.
The unkind looks of the bandits made the people in these cities tremble with fear. The ports were completely closed, the city gates were hung high, and the Sudanese army was stationed in every city along the Essi River.
At this time, Debreton’s counterattack finally began. They first used the same method as Chalon. The Debretons tried to bribe other bandits to deal with the pirates summoned by Chalon. In addition, They also planned to call in the Sudanese army.
Unfortunately, Debreton’s envoy arrived at the wrong time. As soon as he arrived at Alexandria, he was discovered by Chalon’s men who were staying there.
/Debreton’s envoy came on a fast destroyer, and was escorted by an equally fast destroyer. Such strength should have been enough for the Black Continent, which had no navy, but they never imagined that the gears were in Alexandria. Five magicians remained.
Although the Debreton people were very careful, the gap in strength prevented them from evading the sneak attack. After only half an hour, the two ships and the people on them were all prisoners.
After making such a windfall, the people responsible for staying behind worked even harder.
At the same time that the Debretonians sent their envoys, the other two fleets were heading towards the Black Continent. This was already owned by the United Kingdom. At this moment, only one main fleet was left to defend the homeland.
Compared with the defeat at Cape Plenty, the turmoil currently taking place in the north of the Black Continent frightens the upper echelons of Debreton even more.
Tunisia, which they had just lost, was their most important military port in the Black Continent. It took Debreton a century to clean up the pirates there. By occupying this deep-water port, he could control this sea between the main continent and the Black Continent. A vast ocean.
What’s even more terrible is that according to the offensive line of the transferred pirates, they are likely to attack Zhibeiro.
Debreton can give up Cape Plenty and Tunisia, but he can never give up Zibero, because that is the gateway to the Sea of ??Sten, and the Debreton people shed countless blood to seize this strategic location.
Losing Gibelo means losing the inland sea, and losing the inland sea means losing maritime hegemony.
At this moment, Debreton’s upper management has even planned to abandon the expedition fleet. They need to put out the unrest taking place in the northern part of the Black Continent as soon as possible.
Not only that, they were also filled with panic,