no matter how hard he struggled.

At this time, Wei Xiaobei had to electrify his right finger and tap lightly on the baby’s wrist before letting it go.
The nurse ran away with a blush on her face.
There is no doubt that in this nurse’s mind, Wei Xiaobei’s son is probably a kind of devil.
Needless to say, what happened during this period was that although Tu Qingqing had just given birth, for Qingqiu Jiuwei, as soon as the child was born, the whole body’s magic power would naturally recover, and the little postpartum discomfort would be cured in an instant.
So Wei Xiaobei’s family went home happily to celebrate. Zhu Xinyi and others hurriedly followed, but only Tian Yuwen was left behind. He needed to thank these doctors and nurses on behalf of Wei Xiaobei.
And this kind of gratitude is not vulgar like money, but giving each person a bottle of world tree sap that prolongs life!
Needless to say, the doctors and nurses were very excited about Wei Xiaobei’s thank you gift.
It can only be said that after Wei Xiaobei returned home, he really enjoyed a few days of family happiness.
Wei Xiaobei’s son was named Wei Qing. At first glance, he thought he was a famous general who defeated the Huns in the Han Dynasty.
But anyone with a discerning eye will know what is going on with this name, and it is taken from Tu Qingqing’s name.
However, Wei Xiaobei ran into trouble just a few days after enjoying family happiness.
For no other reason, Wei Qing is not an ordinary baby at all. As soon as he was born, his intelligence level reached the level of an adult. It was no problem to speak or anything else. Moreover, he had great strength, and his every move was full of strength.
The toy his grandparents bought was crushed to pieces within a few minutes of hanging it on the stroller!
Even the stroller must be changed every day.
This situation made Tu Qingqing afraid to let Father Wei and Mother Wei get close to the child. Although Wei Qing had a high level of intelligence, he was still just a baby and could not understand many things. If he accidentally injured Father Wei and Mother Wei, The problem is huge.
Besides, his intelligence was too high. After a while, ordinary toys could not satisfy him, and he also quickly read through the books in Wei Xiaobei’s study.
For this reason, Wei Xiaobei had to spend a lot of effort to seal Wei Qing’s power.
After sealing its power, its strength is at most that of a three- or four-year-old child, and it will not cause trouble.
Of course, if Wei Qing is in danger, the seal will automatically fail.
But having said that, it is not easy for Wei Qing to encounter danger in Qingmu Paradise.
But Wei Xiaobei had not enjoyed this family happiness for a month, and when he was preparing to hold a full-moon banquet for Wei Qing, an accident happened again!
/This accident was brought by heaven!
After Wei Xiaobei’s theft of a large number of stars from Heaven was exposed, he escaped from Heaven.
Naturally, Heaven will not give up. If you think about it, you will know what kind of place Heaven