ed wine? A bottle of spiritual red wine combined with the ‘Dawn Cultivation Method’ is equivalent to a legendary knight.

If it is not used to advance to the legendary level, it is even easier to use spiritual red wine to cultivate more fifth-level Templars.
Now that there is spiritual red wine, it is not a problem to add at least a few fifth-level Templars to the Main family. Of course, this is too extravagant, but Speaker Gould is prepared to do this.
Anyway, judging from the current situation, the amount of spiritual red wine on Lord Arthur’s side will not be too small, otherwise he would not be so generous.
“Since all the direct descendants of the Morse family have disappeared, a fourth-level sky knight from the side branch is currently taking over. I discussed it with that sky knight. He is ready to surrender to Lord Harlow and hand over everything in the Morse family. For Lord Harlow, it includes the planet Morse and everything on the planet, as well as the black dragon emblem of the Morse family.
It just so happens that Lord Haro is also of black dragon blood, and the black dragon emblem is just right for Lord Haro! Speaker Gould said proudly.
Although Dorothea escaped, it is not said whether Dorothea dared to show up. Even if she told others that it was the Morse family that Speaker Gould and the fourteen lords jointly annihilated, no one would believe it.
Lord Arthur naturally took the blame for the destruction of the Morse family. Anyway, he had a bad reputation, so it didn’t hurt to have this one more person.
Besides, the Morse family is not a top noble, and they betrayed Lord Arthur, so it is normal for them to be retaliated against.
/On the contrary, everyone in the aristocratic circle felt that Lord Arthur seemed to be much gentler in his methods. He did not kill the entire Morse Star and all the members of the Morse family, but only cleaned up the direct lineage of the Morse family.
This is the difference. If any other nobleman did such a thing, he would be criticized by the noble circle, but when Lord Arthur did such a thing, it was natural.
Among them, Lord Arthur is the ‘Invincible Knight’ of the divine world and has an unparalleled reputation, especially because Lord Arthur’s rise has grown up in repeated leapfrog battles.
Although Lord Arthur must retaliate, he has never taken the initiative to provoke any force. As long as they do not deal with him, he will not provoke others.
Therefore, even though Lord Arthur’s revenge was very crazy, he was not criticized too much by the noble circle.
It is precisely because the Supreme Council said that Lord Arthur took action to kill the direct descendants of the Morse family that the forces that were originally eyeing the Morse family had to wait and see again and again, and did not dare to take action easily.
At this time, Speaker Gould took action. He first helped a well-controlled sky knight from the Morse family branch to be the head of the family, and asked him to take over everything in the Morse family. After making a plan, he was ready