mperor asked: “We cannot let others know about this.”

“As long as you think it is necessary,” Alvi said, “I can use the intelligence agency’s spy network in Dunting to make contact, and it will never attract anyone’s attention.”
“A spy from the Intelligence Bureau.” The emperor clapped his hands and said, “How could I forget this? Let the Intelligence Bureau send a spy who is best at persuasion and tell him that the empire has a special mission that needs him to complete. There is a group of… No, it should be a large batch of arms that need to be sent to the orc tribes in the southern part of the Black Continent through him. This batch of arms will be very useful to the orcs there to fight against Debreton.”
/Hull’s heart was full of doubts. When he woke up in the morning, Shirley sent him an urgent report. This urgent report was sent in the name of United Steel President Carlaw Thorne, but the content on it seemed very strange.
The emergency report said that a very important customer was going to visit him today and asked him to receive it carefully. This customer would make a very big deal with United Steel, and he had to accept the deal no matter what.
You can be sure that the person who comes will never be as simple as the emergency report said.
Hull knew very well that the upper management of United Steel had no power to restrict him as the president of the branch. He had no need to accept any instructions from above. Even if he really wanted to complete a transaction, he should send someone else to negotiate instead of him. Nominal branch president.
But what surprised him the most was that the urgent report actually confirmed that the customer would come to visit him today! Unless that customer is on Mrant Island, in which case why not just have that customer come over directly?
Although he didn’t know what happened, Hull was certain that there was a big event hidden behind this urgent report.
For this reason, he had to give up all the original arrangements and even asked Xue Li to go to the monastery and tell the Shangqiu therapist that there was no need to send anyone over today.
/After doing all this, Hull was waiting in the living room. He deliberately pretended to be still weak. To be honest, no matter what was hidden behind the urgent report, he didn’t want to get involved.
What surprised Hull was that he sat in the living room all day without even a ghost, which made him wonder if someone was playing a prank. So at three o’clock in the afternoon, he asked Xue Li to go to the island’s news bureau and also send an urgent report to United Steel Company to inquire about this matter.
Ordinary summons arrived on the same day, but urgent reports were handled immediately, so it only took half an hour to get from Mulant Island to Pali. The urgent report that Hull asked Xue Li to send did not need to go through the Burley City News Bureau. For a large company like United Steel, there are communicators within the headquarters responsible for receiving information.
United Steel spent such a large amount