hegemony a few years ago, but its significance was not as significant as the battle for continental hegemony.

The war for hegemony on the mainland made Chief of General Staff Maoqi famous in one battle, and he was recognized by the world as the God of the Beru Army and an unparalleled general. He captured the Zhibeiro Fortress. Although he could not be called the God of War, he was definitely second only to Maoqi in the list of famous generals. With such a status, let alone the Grand Duke Varedi, even if the crown prince returns, he will not dare to be rude to him.
In addition, Marquis Dockermann had made many excuses about marriage before, and many people, especially members of the Philip family, were all watching. Although these people may not meddle in others’ affairs and complain about injustice, there is definitely some private disdain.
Now the situation has changed. If he, who is successful and famous, breaks off the engagement at this time, Marquis Daukman will have absolutely nothing to say.
“I’m not in the mood to talk about this right now.” Hull said lightly.
Hearing this, the fat old man immediately broke out in sweat. What he feared most was that his nephew was lukewarm about this matter.
From his standpoint, this marriage must be finalized. If his nephew dumps Marquis Docman’s daughter, then as the head of the Philip family, he will definitely stand by his nephew, but this means that he and Doc The breakup of the Mann family.
This kind of thing must definitely be avoided.
As soon as the old man winked, several other old men in the small living room gathered around. This man comforted him politely as an elder, and the other man persuaded him softly in the name of a relative.
“Dead people cannot be resurrected. The greatest comfort to the deceased is to fulfill their most cherished wishes during their lifetime.”
“Miss An Qi is gentle, virtuous, and caring. There are fewer and fewer such girls now.”
“This marriage is a promise made by your grandfather back then. Breaking the promise will make him sad.”
“The day before your father died, he was still thinking about this matter. You must let his spirit in heaven rest in peace.”
A group of old men all named Philip bombarded Hull’s ears, giving him a headache.
It was impossible to say that Hull wasn’t moved, but he was moved, and he didn’t want to get into trouble. Others didn’t know that he was pretending to be Philip, but that old guy from Chalon knew it all.
/The relationship between him and Sharon was based on Lida first, and interests second.
/With the old guy’s personality, once he found out that he was married to the daughter of Marquis Daukman, who knew what would happen.
Another thing that worried him was that he was worried about being exposed.
Hidden in Harlan’s deceit is Harlan’s memory of the old liar. Among the old liar’s precious memories is this: “No matter how clever a liar is, it is impossible for him to perfectly transform into another person. There are always mistakes and omissions, so a successful liar can never get t