knew that there were surveyors who were good at surveying and mapping in the trading firms stationed in the Black Continent. This matter even caused Hull himself to Do not know at all.

Beru’s intelligence agency actually knows his subordinates better than he does. If they fall out in the future, wouldn’t it be quite dangerous for him? He arranged these just in case and as a retreat.
/Thinking of this, Hull, who was already quite proud of his power development, suddenly broke into a cold sweat.
/Now he understands how terrifying the power of a country is, especially the power of a country that is rising rapidly. It is simply not something that an individual can contend with.
Another thing that made him depressed was that both the former Martin and the woman in front of him showed him what elites were. Compared with these two people, he only has Gear and Klitman who can barely compete.
He didn’t dare to think that there were only these two powerful figures among the young people in the entire Beru Empire. He didn’t know how many strong men there were.
The reason why Blood Vengeance can succeed is not only the absolute success of the founder’s strategy and organizational structure, but also the fact that Blood Vengeance’s predecessor, the Temple Knights, left many valuable talents to the Blood Vengeance Brotherhood.
As long as you calculate how many famous thinkers, politicians, and military strategists were members of the Blood Vengeance Brotherhood during the Asian and French Revolution, you can understand why the blood feud is so powerful.
Talent, the most valuable asset is talent.
Hull couldn’t think of any qualifications or reasons for him to gather talents around him.
The Blood Vengeful Brotherhood has a very good reason. Revenge against the treacherous Yafa royal family was the original reason. This reason led the remaining elites of the Temple Knights to gather under the banner of the Blood Vengeance Brotherhood.
What’s his reason?
Seeking revival in Aphas? If he wanted to do this, he’d better throw away everything he had now and go back to Yafa and start all over again.
To restrict mainland hegemony and prevent Beru from becoming dominant? To use this slogan, he would also have to abandon everything and settle in Debreton.
Seeking independence for the three major provinces? That’s almost like courting death.
Hale felt lost.
Before he can re-establish his direction for the future, the time has come to set off.
After enjoying the last holy light treatment from the therapist and sending the therapist away, Hel and Shasa took advantage of the darkness and left Mulant Island in a carriage.
A small boat had been prepared on the dock. It was a single-masted sampan with only one sailor on it.
Just after boarding the ship, the female spy Shasa asked: “Are the Oaks ready?”
“Yes, head, no problem at all,” said the sailor.
“Is he one of yours too?” Hull said casually.
“You don’t need to know too much.” Shasa said. At this moment, she couldn’t see any charm, but was filled with a chilling air.