warehouse: “Brothers, come here, whoever kills that old man, I will reward him with one hundred thousand crowns, and every other person’s head will be rewarded with one hundred thousand crowns.” Ten thousand crowns.”

“After everything here is over, we will go to the old man’s house and capture his daughter and wife. I will let every brother here fuck them both.”
As the laughter fell, there was a roar, and white gunpowder smoke instantly filled the entire warehouse. A small shotgun was parked at the door of the warehouse, and a three-meter-wide hole was opened in the wall opposite.
When the smoke cleared, they saw Mr. Chalon standing in the middle of the gap. It was completely different from what everyone below had imagined. There was still a smile on the corner of Chalon’s mouth. Now he didn’t look like a betrayed boss at all. On the contrary, More like an audience, the frowning Hull followed closely behind him.
Hull frowned not because he was worried about the situation in front of him, but because he was guessing how many people below were betrayers? How many people are the unlucky ones who know nothing about it and are accidentally involved?
Just as he was thinking hard, with a soft sound, one of the boxes in the corner fell down, and a man wrapped like a mummy rolled out.
“Bang, bang!”
Two gunshots were heard from outside the warehouse, and the gunner standing behind the shotgun fell down immediately. A bullet penetrated his back, killing him.
Everyone turned their attention to the outside of the warehouse.
A painful groan came from the empty space, followed by a soft thud. After a few seconds, a faint figure became clearer and clearer.
It was a magician wearing a robe, and he was also shot from behind.
When people rolled out of the box, several of the people present turned extremely ugly. When the figures appeared out of thin air, these people knew that the situation was over.
“Bill, I have told you many times that you are not a scheming person, so you just need to do what you are good at.” With everything under control, Sharon looked quite happy at this moment. Indifferently, he glanced at everyone present, and finally stopped at Jason.
/“You are a person who can play tricks, but do you remember that I once told you that your biggest shortcoming is exactly the opposite of Bill, that is, you like to hide your head and show your tail. This is not the way to do this in our industry. In addition, Besides, you have another fatal weakness.”
Xia Long sighed: “Although you enjoy the feeling of controlling everything behind the scenes, you are unwilling to be lonely and always want to jump out. Take this time as an example, you can find a reason not to come here, but you Just don’t do it.
“The performance you performed with Bill just now was quite good. I actually never noticed that you two have such acting talents. I’m really embarrassed. I guess even though Bill performed so hard, you wrote the script. You asked Bill Playing the role of betrayer suited him perfectly.”
Sharon glanced at Evil Bill with