ball at least thirty meters away before it could hit the ceiling of the farmer’s market directly.

Of course, if Wei Xiaobei activates the intermediate burst, this weight will not be a problem at all.
In the end, Wei Xiaobei resisted the urge to activate the intermediate burst. Instead, he leaned against the parapet with the hemp bouquet, and then kicked off the parapet with his right leg.
The female wall suddenly collapsed, and Wei Xiaobei rushed forward!
Damn it!
In just seven steps, he rushed to the opposite female wall, gathering all his strength and concentrating on his arms.
With a loud shout, the steel hemp flower ball was thrown out by Wei Xiaobei like a shot put.
As for how far the steel hemp flower ball was thrown, Wei Xiaobei didn’t have time to see.
With all his strength, Wei Xiaobei’s current gap in strength and agility made it impossible for him to stop and close his momentum while approaching the parapet. Without any pause, his body directly hit the parapet.
There was a loud bang, and most of the female wall shattered into pieces, and Wei Xiaobei rushed out.
Fortunately, at the moment of rushing out, Wei Xiaobei lightly tapped his left hand on the remaining female wall. The body that rushed out in the air borrowed the force and then rolled.
Wei Xiaobei’s legs were firmly attached to the outer wall, and he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. He couldn’t glide or fly. If he just fell like this, the landing point would probably be in the mutated farmer’s market.
After stabilizing his body, Wei Xiaobei turned his attention to the thrown steel hemp flower ball.
/The steel hemp flower ball rushed towards the farmer’s market below.
As the steel hemp flower clusters fell, the mutated farmer’s market suddenly changed.
A thin layer of red light immediately appeared over the mutated farmer’s market.
In an instant, the steel hemp flower ball collided with the red light like a cannonball.
Without any sound, the red light slightly blocked the steel hemp flower ball. After that, the steel hemp flower ball actually seemed to hit an elastic wall. In the blink of an eye, it shouted towards the way it came from and flew away at a faster speed. go back.
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei’s eyes couldn’t help but shrink slightly. He didn’t dare to hesitate. He immediately canceled the roots under his feet, and his body quickly fell towards the ground.
Before Wei Xiaobei landed on the ground, a loud bang was heard from the roof of the building.
Wei Xiaobei kicked off the wall with his legs, his body flew out diagonally, eliminating the impact, and then ran towards the corner.
But at this moment, Wei Xiaobei’s heart skipped a beat, a premonition of extreme danger!
Looking back, Wei Xiaobei was a little shocked.
At this time, most of the roof of the building was shattered by the steel hemp flower ball that bounced back, and countless gravel and bricks were falling downwards.
Of course, what frightened Wei Xiaobei the most was the steel hemp flower ball that fell down along the way. It fell in