wever, this world does have a lot of things that I can learn from. The people here control space far better than me. It is absolutely necessary for me to practice their control methods. Unfortunately, the highest level here is only the Grandmaster level. I’m a space master, I don’t know what kind of surprise the grand master can give me.”

Of course Hull had no way to answer this question. He took out the black iron workspace and handed it over.
“This thing is actually very simple. It has the same principle as the legendary magic ‘Time Stop’. This ball is connected to a half-dimension where time flows much faster.” The Immortal King said while explaining.
“Is it okay if you don’t change the appearance?” Hull asked. “I don’t want to shock the world.”
“I know that if you take out a diamond-level workspace, not only will you be in trouble, but others will also suspect me.” The Immortal King said.
/“What did you do to those people just now?” Hel asked. Although he had already guessed what the Immortal King had done, he still wanted to confirm.
/“It’s nothing, just collecting some trophies. I stripped off their storage space and moved the contents into my hands.” As he spoke, the Immortal King dumped a large pile of things on the ground.
“These people are not ordinary thugs.” Hull said with a frown as he looked at the things on the ground.
“So there will definitely be some trouble. Regardless of whether there is someone behind these people, it is impossible for them to let you and me go.” The Immortal King said.
“You don’t seem worried at all,” Hel sighed.
“Why should I worry? Although this will change my original plan, this change may not be without benefits.” said the Immortal King.
“Can you tell me your new plan?” Hull asked. This issue was very important, and he was worried that the Immortal King would come up with an “earth-shattering” plan.
“Take a closer look at the mercenary union’s task list. There are tasks issued by Hank Trading Company, and there are also tasks issued by others for them.
“This trading house has many enemies. We can definitely cooperate with their enemies and even act as thugs. I believe someone will be willing to provide us with ‘knives and guns’, and we can do business with them by the way. There are people to support and develop on our own.” It’s different, you should be very clear about this,” the Immortal King said.
Of course Hull understood what the Immortal King was referring to. He and Sharon had worked hard to develop Sherut, but the gains were very limited. However, when they started cooperating with United Steel and relying on United Steel, a large company, Sherlute almost said A thousand miles a day. It is indeed much more efficient to have someone support you than to develop yourself.
“What’s more -” the Immortal King continued: “Summoning demonic creatures requires sacrifices, and the best sacrifice is the soul of a strong man. My original plan was to publish a task in the mercenary union and find a group of mercenaries. The soldiers came to die, now they have a b