Carthaginian cavalry were unable to withstand the impact of cavalry that was more than twice their number. They were quickly outflanked and divided. In just a few minutes, there were faint signs of collapse.

In the middle, as the Carthaginian heavy infantry retreated to the bottom of the formation, they began to stabilize their formation and counterattack the ancient Roman soldiers who were chasing them. The Carthaginian infantry on both wings also began to continuously surround the center.
On the other side, the ancient Roman phalanx mixed with Wei Xiaobei had launched an attack on the Carthaginian soldiers who had been thrown into confusion by the war elephants.
In fact, before this, the horn of Carthage had already sounded, and the order should be to retreat slowly and evacuate the battlefield.
After all, by this time, Carthage had lost the initiative. If it retreated slowly, Hannibal’s commanding ability might not be able to turn defeat into victory.
You know, in many battles, Hannibal used less to fight more, deliberately retreated to attract the Roman soldiers to chase him, and finally defeated the chaotic enemy with a backhand blow.
But this Carthaginian army was too excited and activated the crescent formation prematurely, so that even if it wanted to retreat at this time, it seemed difficult.
Wei Xiaobei mingled in the phalanx and attacked with other ancient Roman soldiers. The javelin in his hand killed three Carthage soldiers in a row.
Compared with other ancient Roman soldiers, sticking out javelins in the queue and hitting the enemy’s vital points was too simple for Wei Xiaobei.
Although these Carthage soldiers only have 30 evolution points each, if the situation continues like this, it won’t be a problem for Wei Xiaobei to gain several thousand evolution points by the end of the battle.
Now that the war elephants have been beaten back by the slingers, the Carthaginian soldiers have lost most of their courage and appear to be in chaos, completely missing the tight formation they had before.
Seeing that the Carthage side was about to collapse completely, Wei Xiaobei had a vague feeling that some changes would occur, but such changes did not seem to pose much threat to him.
Indeed, in the ancient cold-weapon army, even if you have some discipline problems and appear to be loose and procrastinating, as long as you show enough bravery on the battlefield, your colleagues will admire you.
The reason is simple, powerful enough comrades will make them safer in war.
This is like ordinary soldiers willing to follow the invincible military god.
/If the general of a cold-weapon army is extremely stupid, then his soldiers may quickly collapse and flee when encountering a tough battle.
No one is willing to give his life for a stupid general.
But at this moment, in the military formation behind Carthage, a golden beam of light fell down, and then spread quickly.
This continuously spreading golden light beam seemed to possess magical power.
All the Carthaginian soldiers illuminated by the golden light