untless efforts and moved it with great supernatural powers, established the sunny side of underworld, and relied on the nine paths of underworld to create the heavenly book of underworld.

Since then, he has been inseparable from the underworld.
On the day when the world changes, Yun Zuoyu will become the supreme true god of the underworld. He will be controlled by the future Great Heavenly Lord, but as long as he can maintain his own will, he will no longer be a puppet or a container, but a frontier official who leads the army.
/That’s it, he is also a loser, Ying Long’s soul is flying to pieces, how can he be so miserable?
/The deceased is the most important, so I won’t go into details about Yinglong here.
Yun Zuoyu cared more about the safety of the underworld than anyone else. At the moment when the underworld was divided, he used the Nine Dao Masters as the foundation to take over the slowly falling yang side of the underworld and keep his base at the minimum cost.
Even if he can’t save it, he must save it, otherwise his life will not be saved if a great change comes.
Lu Bei led the eagle dog to the underworld world, and saw the picture of Yin and Yang overlapping. The Yin and Yang Dao diagram connecting the sky and the earth was pushed away, and the underworld world ushered in a new life of darkness.
In the future, when the world changes greatly, the concept of ghosts will appear again. With the Yinjingtian Ghost Kingdom as the center, ghosts will spread in all directions, completely covering the entire underworld.
Lu Bei is not very interested in the position of Ghost Emperor in the Underworld. This is the position of the loser. He can still hold on and has never thought about competing with Yun Zuoyu.
At least I haven’t considered it yet.
“Brother Yun, aren’t you finished yet?”
Lu Bei stepped forward cheerfully and put his hand on Yun Zuoyu’s shoulder skillfully. However, when he came to the house, he acted like a good friend who had not been with him for many years. For those who didn’t know, he thought they were on good terms with each other.
The truth is, the two of them almost became fatal friends.
Gu Mi was taciturn and followed Lu Bei as a vase mount. Although she was full of doubts, she said nothing. Because she was tight-lipped and would not tell the Demon Queen if her hands were touched, she was quite popular with Lu Bei.
Tu Yuan, who acted as a bodyguard thug, was completely different. He was 1.2 meters tall and stood beside Lu Bei, with his hands on his hips and a look like a loyal dog and slave.
Looking at Yun Zuoyu, whose strength was unfathomable, Tu Yuan’s two black eyes started to twitch. Could it be that this powerful man was something very important in his master’s mouth?
It wasn’t him, he took the lead!
Tu Yuan and Lu Bei didn’t get along for a long time. For a while, they were free-range dogs and ate white-haired Zhao’s dog food. However, she knew her owner was more like a dog, and she was very familiar with Lu Bei’s preferences.
One day, she might as well one day