re of the thirteen hunting dogs he selected was their ferocity.

The most unruly products from all the hunters in the town were all delivered to him, allowing him to choose as he pleased. Perhaps even the original owners of these hunting dogs were eager to sell them off early, so the prices offered were extremely cheap.
Most of the ferocious hunting dogs were strong, and Hull even selected twelve of the youngest and strongest hunting dogs. Originally he only wanted twelve hunting dogs, but when he was about to pay, he noticed that among the ferocious hunting dogs, there were One is old and thin.
A lot of the hair on its body had fallen off, revealing red moss spots. The other hunting dogs were barking wildly, but this old dog lay motionless on the ground with its ears drooped as if it was suffering from the plague.
Perhaps it was the unusual behavior of this old dog that caught Hull’s attention, so Hull asked the owner of the hunting dog, what is so fierce about this dog?
I learned from the owner of the hunting dog that this old dog is a vicious character. Even though it is silent at ordinary times, once it attacks, it is lightning fast and difficult to guard against. Several dogs have died under its teeth.
If it weren’t for him being a hunter, killing or abandoning a dog is the most unlucky thing to do, he would have killed this old dog with a knife.
According to the owner of the hunting dog, he always intended to let the old dog die when he was hunting, but he failed to get what he wanted every time.
This old dog is extremely cunning. No matter how powerful the beast is, it can only injure it. However, the old dog’s recovery ability is very strong. Even if it is not treated, the wound will recover quickly.
After listening to the words of the hunting dog owner, Hull felt a little confused. He was sure from these words that the old and skinny hunting dog in front of him was a very spiritual divine dog. There were many skilled hunters here, so how could this happen? Don’t see this at all?
Although he was full of doubts, Hull still spent a small sum of money to take in this old dog.
It was a long way from the place where the dog was bought. The worker who was responsible for guiding the way, who had always been silent next to him, suddenly walked up to Hull and said in a low voice: “Sir, I see that you are a good person. You’d better try something.” Give that old dog away, otherwise bad luck will befall you sooner or later. The person who sold the dog to you is probably having a treat to celebrate.
“He was deceived and accepted this dog half a year ago. This dog has followed seven or eight owners. Anyone who followed it for more than a year ended up dead.”
Hearing this warning, Hull didn’t take it to heart at all.
He believed in God, but not in ghosts, but he still gave the worker a crown as a reward for his kind warning.
Hull did not lead thirteen fierce hunting dogs through the city, which would only cause a series of troubles.
/He didn’t even dare to let the thirteen vicious dogs stay together, because