of his life.

Dosarun’s wish is very simple. He only hopes that in that three-headed and six-armed divine body, the wills of angels and demons can return.
This is not an unattainable wish, because the divine body has three heads, two of which are Seraph and Lord of the Vast.
The Immortal King did get a lot of benefits from leaving these two heads. In addition to possessing the memory and intelligence of Seraph and the Lord of the Vast, he could also gain their abilities, but it also laid the foundation for disaster.
The praying white light shines on the huge figure with three heads and six arms. The Immortal King, who was majestic just now and wielding three weapons of destruction, suddenly emits two scorching rays of light.
The Seraph on the left has awakened. Seraph, who had just regained his self-awareness, already understood the changes in his body the moment he woke up.
When it knew that not only had it turned into a strange and ugly form, but had also merged with the demon it hated most, it immediately chose to self-destruct.
Endless flames spurted out from the inside of that huge body.
The flame is golden, and it is a world-destroying heavenly fire that can burn out everything. This kind of flame, a thousand times more terrifying than the “Flames of Annihilation”, turned the divine body that the Immortal King had worked so hard to obtain into nothingness in an instant.
/From the Holy Tomb being struck by lightning, to the three-headed and six-armed Immortal King flying out of the Holy Tomb, to the battle in which the Immortal King and Dosarun both died, everything fell into Hel’s eyes.
His heart was filled with shock. To be honest, he had never thought that these two extremely powerful men would end up like this.
But he didn’t have time to think about this at the moment.
In a series of flashes, Hel teleported towards the location where the Immortal King was just now. His goal is the God-killing Whip and the Fallen Token. He recognized the God-killing Whip, and it was natural that this extremely terrifying artifact should be in his hands. As for the Fallen Token, although Hel did not recognize it, it gave him an inexplicable sense of familiarity.
Even if he didn’t feel this way, he still wanted to grab this thing in his hands, so that it could attract the attention of the Immortal King, and it was definitely not an ordinary item used at the same time as the God-killing Whip.
Hull was fast enough, but there were others faster than him. Almost instantly, a dozen figures appeared where the Immortal King was just now, and the targets they were fighting for were also the God-killing Whip and the Fall Token.
A demon with only one eye and countless sharp thorns all over his body moves the fastest. I saw it grabbing two artifacts, and then let out a howl of screams. The God-killing Whip automatically emitted smoke-like whip shadows and wrapped around the demon’s arm.
The one-eyed demon turned into flying smoke in the blink of an eye.
The God-killing Whip suddenly came to life, and puffs of smoke were se