It was also under the influence of this teaching that when the ‘God of Storms’ descended and was defeated, the faith of the fifth-level Bishop Coolidge collapsed.
If in normal times, the fifth-level bishop of Coolic dares to betray his faith, the ‘God of Storms’ will definitely carry out divine punishment and give the fifth-level bishop of Coolic a fatal backlash through the remaining faith channels.
But the problem is that the fifth-level Bishop Coolidge is beside David, and the ‘God of Storms’ has awakened. He clearly knows that his spiritual thoughts are easily killed by David, and uses the faith channel to connect the little ones next to such a powerful existence. world, He is really worried about the exposure of the small world.
Therefore, although the fifth-level Bishop Coolidge’s faith collapsed, he did not suffer the backlash from the ‘God of Storms’.
After David showed a terrifying miracle that surpassed that of the ‘God of Storms’, the fifth-level Bishop Coolidge, who had lost his faith and was in confusion, quickly found a new source of faith to rely on.
David returned to Garmis. He did not go to the castle, but stood in front of the planet-level portal.
“What’s your name?” he asked, leaving the fifth-level Bishop Kulic behind.
When the fifth-level Bishop Coolidge fell to the ground, all the restraints on his body disappeared. However, he did not take advantage of the situation to stand up, but instead prostrated on the ground.
/“Great Lord Arthur, my name is Coolidge!” Bishop Coolidge, the fifth-level bishop, replied respectfully.
David felt very helpless. He captured the fifth-level Bishop Coolidge alive not to gain followers, but to ask some questions.
Unexpectedly, the fifth-level Bishop Coolidge became his believer, and he was still a devout believer.
To be honest, with the actions of the fifth-level Bishop Coolidge, David really wanted to kill him directly.
But David also knew that the real murderer was the ‘God of Storms’, and that the fifth-level Bishop Coolidge was just a tool.
“I give you two choices. One is to sign a master-servant contract, and then life and death are completely decided by me. The other is to capture your soul, torture it out for the answers I want, and then completely annihilate your soul. !” David said calmly.
“Great Lord Arthur, I am willing to sign a master-servant contract. This is my honor!” Bishop Coolidge said without any hesitation.
“Very good, this saves a lot of trouble!” David said while drawing a divine contract in the air with his fingers.
The fifth-level Bishop Coolidge simply put a trace of his soul into the divine contract and formed a master-servant contract with David.
“I can sense that you believe in me, and I will accept you as my sacrifice!” David said in a deep voice.
When David saw the master-servant contract, he no longer had any scruples.
Although he does not have the inheritance to believe in becoming a god, because he has a small world of soul space, he meets the conditions for believing in becoming a god to a certain exten