e. It can almost be said to be a miraculous race that surpasses the Three-Eyed Clan and may even be more powerful than “Original Sin” and his subordinates.

This was exaggerated enough. It frightened several older elders of the Elf Council into mental breakdown. The one who was taken out just now was another one. But at this moment, this middle-aged elf actually said that these are not the most important things. Could it be that there is something more terrifying that the other elves have not discovered?
The middle-aged elf’s face had turned a little darker, and it was no longer just a matter of turning blue. He said with a stern face: “Didn’t you notice? This documentary was recorded in 2009, and according to human According to the calendar, the end of the world is coming on December 21, 2012. In other words, the purpose of this strong human being going to Krypton may not be to patrol or make contact. He is probably going there to ask for help! I believe that in There must be a huge ruin on Krypton left by the three original tribes. There must be many things in it that exceed our imagination. Of course, there must also be huge dangers. After all, the three original tribes once enslaved many terrifying races, such as in the legend. Although it is said that these extremely terrifying alien races have been swallowed up by the ‘original sin’, who knows whether these three races will still retain these horrors on other planets in the galaxy? What about races? Maybe these races are left under guard in some important laboratories or something like that.”
/“So I believe that the strong humans have discovered such an important laboratory or base of the three races, and most of their strong men have gone there to fight against the terrifying races guarding them, and this strong human being must be one of them. Member, his purpose of going to Krypton must be to seek help, hoping that those strong humans would come back to spend the end of the world, but for some unknown reason, or perhaps unknown disasters in the universe, those strong men did not come back on time, but as a matter of fact, he could It is impossible for powerful life forms whose physical bodies break through the universe to die so easily. I guess, of course, this is just a guess.”
/The middle-aged elf’s face had turned completely dark, and he said in a heavy voice: “Those strong human beings are probably coming to Earth from Krypton!”
“If what you guessed is true, those powerful human beings are rushing towards the earth in the starry sky. They will definitely arrive within three thousand years. If that is really the case, it does not require too many, only ten of the people named Superman from before With the strength of a strong human being, our tribe will be truly and completely exterminated!”
At this time, the old elf man from the Druid Guild suddenly said in a deep voice: “What if your guess is wrong? Maybe the only strong man in mankind is Superman? He is the son of mankind, and he is the protagonist of civilization. If Doesn’t this also explain its