stand one thing, but she got more puzzles. This feeling really made her very unhappy. For some reason, “that” facial paralysis woman suddenly flashed in her mind. But as soon as this thought crossed her mind, Xue Na immediately shook her head desperately, and at the same time she was secretly angry in her heart.

Xue Na held her mouth shut with a fierce look on her face, and at the same time clenched her little fists hard, but she didn’t expect that at this moment she looked like a little girl of seven or eight years old, or at most less than ten years old. Such a cruel expression looks so childish and cute. If I use a sentence on the Internet to describe it, it is so cute!
Zhang Heng was watching Xue Na carefully from the side. It wasn’t until Xue Na made this appearance that he smiled and stopped paying attention to anything else. He fell into his own thoughts again, the whereabouts of his parents, And the safety of the girl in Europe
At the same time, in the base in the center of the city
“Where are they?! Why haven’t they been found yet?”
Pei Jiao half-raised the researcher in front of him with a cruel look on his face. His face was full of murderous intent. If it weren’t for his appearance, he was indeed Pei Jiao. People who knew him would have thought that this person was Gong Yeyu. He looked so murderous. He looks so much like Gong Yeyu.
On the contrary, Gong Yeyu, who should have looked like this, was sitting on a chair with a tired look on his face. Of course, even with this tired look on his face, this hob meat still looked unspeakable. Powerful, so at this moment he looks like Pei Jiao.
Gong Yeyu stood up weakly, walked to Pei Jiao and patted him: “Calm down, you can’t solve the problem even if you strangle him to death. Let him crack these secret codes first. Listen. It is said to be an archive of several high-level world government meetings, and maybe their whereabouts are contained in it.”
/Pei Jiao was still filled with anger, and this evil fire burned directly from the bottom of his heart. He took a few deep breaths to endure the evil fire, and then walked to the chair next to him and sat down heavily. There was a loud noise as all the chairs were seated.
Several people around looked at Pei Jiao worriedly, and then turned their attention to Gong Yeyu. The behavior of these two people was completely different from usual. After the previous battle, Gong Yeyu suddenly looked as if he was dying, and After Pei Jiao used the infinite combat system, according to his own and everyone’s guesses, he would shed his skin even if he was not dead, but who knew that he was still alive and kicking, so good that he didn’t even suffer from collapse at all. , as if he had just farted before, but he had a different look, angry and violent, as if he wanted to tear someone apart, and completely different from his previous calm behavior.
Yu Neodymium walked to Gong Yeyu and asked with concern: “Are you okay? You seem to be very lethargic.” While speaking, he gently rubbed Gong Yeyu’s shoulders.
Gong Yeyu smiled bi