races during their centuries of recuperation.

This kind of happiness lasted for more than a year, but some alien races discovered that something was wrong with humans. The humans who were originally deprived of their power by the doomsday actually began to slowly become stronger in more than a year. This has surpassed that of hundreds of races. It is expected that the remnants of the protagonist civilization who have experienced the end of the world in the past, no matter how strong they are before the end, as long as they do not hide in the Holy Land or the Borderless Land, their power will disappear immediately after the end of the world, and as time goes by, their strength will disappear. It becomes weaker and weaker, and the race will become more and more degenerate. This is no surprise, even those three can’t avoid it!
But humans are getting stronger and stronger? this is simply impossible
/What is even more impossible is that more than a year has passed, and the hundreds of tribes have not discovered any strange phenomena in humans. It is just that as time goes by, humans’ power has become slightly stronger and their physical fitness has become slightly better. This is nothing. The gap with the hundreds of tribes is very obvious. Their strength is slightly stronger than that of the goblins, but they do not eat and digest everything like the goblins. They reproduce as fast as mice and are as powerful as rats. Therefore, the extinction of human beings is just a matter of time. In the past two years.
Until this time, something strange happened. Human souls seemed to burst out in an instant. There was no expectation at all before, and I didn’t even know where these human souls came from. It was just a moment. Appeared one after another all over the world, and in addition to these souls, there are also a group of human beings who have no fighting spirit, no energy release, no combat skills, and no magic. The number of them is much smaller. But because these people are so special, the attention paid to them even exceeds those of human souls.
/The strength, speed, etc. of this type of people are no different from ordinary humans, but once they enter a battle, they will be able to explode dozens of times their usual fighting power. They still have the same strength and speed, but they can defeat people dozens of times more powerful. Their opponents, and when they hold magic weapons in their hands, they can even cause harm to the alien Holy Spirits, causing the alien Holy Spirits to fall into soul shock, and then be slowly worn to death by them.
At this time, a middle-aged elf stood up and said to everyone: “Having said this, I think everyone understands that what we are really worried about is not the human souls, but the human souls in the north of Zhongzhou. The Holy Soul or the human Holy Spirit who may be the Holy Soul, and those new humans who can exert super strong combat power with their weak bodies. Aren’t these two things that all of us are worried about? The ancestors in the Holy Land have two consecuti