im, promising half of the creation lotus seeds.

Getting back to the topic, the starry sky unfolds magnificently, and the dark shadows rise and fall uncertainly. With hundreds of millions of stars, Rui has become his own destiny. In his rage, he wants to destroy the world of gods and interrupt the birth of a new way of heaven.
There is no new way of heaven. From the beginning, it was the Heavenly Book compiled by Zhonggong Huangdi himself. Once the world of gods comes true, Zhonggong Huangdi can jump out of the ninth life, cut off the past, and control the Heavenly Book to become another great deity.
/Facing the wrath of Zhonggong, the Yellow Emperor in Zhonggong smiled slightly, his figure disappeared, and he entered the world of gods, completely becoming one with Ancestor Hongjun.
“Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, the poor Taoist Zhonggong is also Hongjun. The three Taoists are polite.” Zhonggong Huangdi said politely.
The three invincibles have contributed a lot. They broke out for him and relied on their own efforts to rebuild the world. They are very kind and kind. It is appropriate to be polite.
“It’s really you”
Lu Bei felt guilty, and his body was also weak. The Lotus of Creation disappeared out of thin air, making him feel as if his body had been hollowed out.
The nightmare reappeared, and he remembered the fear of being dominated by the Taifu and the little yellow croaker.
Nothing is absolute. The departure of the Lotus of Creation has both disadvantages and advantages. The advantage is that Lu Bei’s small world is freed. Without the confinement of the Lotus of Creation, the small world evolves into reality. He will finally receive his own magic weapon. .
Lu Bei has always been missing something.
Before becoming an immortal, his understanding was suppressed by the panel. After becoming an immortal, he had no magic weapon to intersect his life and relied on alchemy from all directions to maintain his dignity.
If others don’t have it, it means they lack the ultimate principles of heaven and earth and are not able to turn the small world into a magic weapon.
Furthermore, the ambition is too great, and the understanding and ambition are not directly proportional. He only understands a few principles of heaven and earth, and wants to have a powerful treasure that can become an immortal.
Not to mention that this method of cultivating immortals is wrong. Like the realm of the Mahayana period, it is a system that the cultivators self-summarized due to the continuous faults in the civilization of cultivating immortals after the destruction of the Book of Heaven.
/Lu Bei only knew that if his little world was idle, it would be idle. Instead of leaving it unused, it would be better to use it to manifest a magic weapon.
He has already thought about what it will become.
Tai Chi diagram!
He is a Taoist cultivator, and the magic weapon for the intersection of life and life must be the Tai Chi Diagram. Enter the yin and yang creation diagram of acquired spiritual treasures, and give birth to a unique innate spiri