to be a woman, but She looks a bit small, and with her thin body now, she looks about sixteen or seventeen years old. When she is supporting Li Lian, she looks like a girl supporting an uncle Li Lian’s face. The beard on his head is already very long.

Wang Juanjuan helped Li Lian out of the ambulance. She suddenly blushed slightly and murmured: “By the way, that’s what I shouted loudly behind your back that day.”
Li Lianzheng looked dimly at the two bonfires in the distance. More than a hundred people were sitting there drinking and eating meat. Everyone had smiles on their faces. Suddenly, after hearing these words, he quickly looked at Wang Juanjuan. Said: “Don’t worry, everyone was desperate at that time, and no one could see hope for the future. I also planned to fight for it at that time. This matter cannot be counted. Don’t worry, I will not force it.”
Before Li Lian had finished speaking, Wang Juanjuan, who was supporting him, suddenly pushed him down, causing him to fall hard to the ground. The ground here was rocky land, hard and convex, and Li Lian’s eyes flashed when he fell. , before he had time to lose his temper, Wang Juanjuan blushed and shouted loudly: “Who wants to marry you? Listen clearly to me! What I said will not be ignored! You need to take care of your body first.” Okay, let’s get married in the human city then!”
/These words were loud, quite like Wang Juanjuan yelling behind Li Lian at that time. People at the two bonfires not far away immediately turned their heads. After a while, many young men shouted loudly, and many people After blowing the whistle, Wang Juanjuan seemed to have come to her senses at this moment. She kicked Li Lian’s foot hard, then covered her face and ran to a small tent, got in directly and never came out.
The young men all laughed there, but Li Lian was surprised and a little happy, but he could only smile bitterly, got up from the ground, and then slowly walked towards At one of the bonfires, two convoy commanders, Liu Juren and Xie An, were sitting. They were drinking from a small bottle of Laobaigan. When they saw Li Lian coming over, they asked After checking the position, Li Lian sat next to them.
Li Lian looked around and found that most of the people in the convoy were soldiers. This was really easy to tell. Judging from their sitting posture and demeanor, they also had some power in their talking and laughing. This is the symbol of a true soldier. It seems that Human City’s convoy should also be the prototype of the future Human City army.
Liu Juren laughed and said: “I said, Xiao Li, don’t let this girl down. When our convoy found them, this little girl was crying like a tear. Later, she saw you lying injured. There, she didn’t care that the centaurs hadn’t been completely defeated yet, and ran directly to you and hugged you. Xiao Li, don’t let this big girl down, hahaha.”
Li Lian’s face turned red. He didn’t say anything. He lowered his head and tore a piece from a large plate of meat in front of them, put it in his mouth and started ch