tside made him dare not raise his head, but not raising his head did not mean that he could not aim. The sixty-meter blindness was enough for him to see everything outside clearly.

The three-gun revolver is not very powerful, it is more like a work of art, but it is better than it can be fired continuously.
Hull held his gun high and kept shooting. He looked like a complete amateur.
He fired very fast, and the continuous shooting filled the carriage with white smoke. The thick smell of gunpowder smoke made everyone cough.
As if in response to Hull’s provocation, the gunfire here became more intensive. Bullets poured down on the car wall like raindrops. Rows of holes were penetrated in the wall above the head, and the shutters were broken into pieces. They were used as The vehicles blocking the road were also clanging loudly, like gongs.
/However, after the bandits’ gunshots rang out for a while, they gradually subsided, because they had discovered that there was a hard nut to crack here.
Hull’s gun was fast, knocking down a gangster almost every four or five shots, and as he became more familiar with aiming with blind sense, his shooting efficiency also improved.
After seven or eight gangsters were killed, the remaining gangsters retreated, preferring to go in other directions.
“This way, this way, the bandits are turning around!” the officer at the window shouted, shooting as hard as he could.
“All the large luggage is on the roof of the car and cannot be taken off.” The husband of the young couple pointed to the roof of the car and said.
“Whoever goes out will die now. Don’t expect that. Remove the backrest of the seat and use it to block it for a while.” The officer yelled.
Another Beru soldier wearing makeup immediately started to dismantle the chair. Before he could remove the backrest, there was a burst of gunfire from the window. This time, the compartment wall was turned into a hornet’s nest in an instant.
The officer closest to the window was shot twice immediately, and then the two bullets penetrated a box.
“We can’t stay like this any longer.”
The remaining Beru soldier obviously didn’t want to stick to this small movable coffin anymore. He squeezed past the others, quickly pushed open the door, and then jumped out. He jumped to the ground and did a somersault, and immediately hid behind a tree.
After Hull and the only unharmed man in the car besides him looked at each other, the two of them carefully closed the car door again.
After taking a look at the punctured suitcase, it seemed that the fortification was not safe. Hull’s eyes shifted to the three corpses.
“The duty of a soldier is to protect civilians, forgive sins, forgive sins.” As if praying, Hull placed the dead officer’s body horizontally in the window.
The little man hesitated when he saw Hull’s actions. In the end, the thought of living made him abandon the restraints of morality. He lifted the body of another Beru man and laid it across the door.
The two of them stood guard on one side, and this time, no matter how bullets h