ith me during the protagonist battle, so I suffered a big loss. This time I went to the moon and it was inevitable that I would win it. The moon was originally Kunlun, the creation of the Three-Eyed Clan, and it is one of the highest creations. It is the key to unlocking the world. The key to the Tower of Babel also contains luck that you can’t imagine. If I get Kunlun, my injuries will be healed immediately. It is very likely that I can further restore my original strength and rush directly to the hand of God. to the extent”

“You don’t need to say anything more. Since Zhu Jiuyin dares to betray the Emperor and attack me, it means that he knows a big secret. Not only can he recover from his injuries, but it can also increase his strength, and may even reach the level of the Emperor. Although I don’t know what this secret is, I can guess that this secret must be hidden in the Tower of Babel, because there is nothing special on the entire earth and the moon. I am sure that the only way to The only place that can escape my spiritual sense is the Tower of Babel, so I just need to get to Kunlun first, and then I can get this big secret.”
“I have made up my mind to take Avalon and set off, Moon!”
This kind of scene is also happening in the Celestial Clan. Only the Giant Clan and the Undead Clan are still quiet, as if they don’t know anything.
/At this moment, in the inner core of the moon, a human-shaped dark shadow is constantly devouring the surrounding mutated ghosts.
If Pei Jiao were here, he would probably recognize what this dark shadow group was. It was the strange mutant ghost condensation that escaped from the soul base when he was cleaning it up.
I don’t know when, this mutated ghost condensation has actually arrived on the moon, and has been devouring the endless mutated ghosts in the moon. At this moment, this mutated ghost condensation has become stronger and stronger, and has moved towards a higher realm than the Demon King. Go to level
Kunlun! The war is about to begin!
Loki and the goddess Freya were both depressed, really depressed.
The two of them just ran to the moon to get some food. To be precise, their only thoughts now are that one is to complete their holy soul level, and the other one wants to upgrade to the holy soul, but they don’t. Dare to cause trouble for humans again.
But they didn’t expect that even such a small thought was interrupted. How could the two of them not be depressed? Not only was he depressed, he was almost angry. He really wanted to kill everyone who launched the attack.
“Loki, something is wrong. Although the power of these attacks is huge, we can still resist it. But don’t you think these attacks look familiar?” The goddess of beauty Freya smashed an incoming missile, and she also faced Loki asked.
Loki also looked cautious, and said: “Well, I’ve seen it a long time ago. This is a human attack method. It’s just much more powerful than the weapons in the human city. But the numbers are the same. Damn it, are you really going to force me?” Can’t we just go