the Human Emperor.”

Pei Jiao had this glimmer of understanding in his heart.
After the Battle of Kaitian, in order to defeat the Heavenly Dao, Gu could not use Dao to resolve the three points. His main personality and sub-personality traveled through time and space without knowing where to go, and the inner universe turned into Fuxi and was born into the human race.
At the same time, in order to refine the way of heaven, Jun also solved the three parts of the world. His main personality and sub-personality also disappeared, and the inner universe turned into Nuwa, who was born into the human race as Fuxi’s sister.
/At that time, although the situation of the human race was no longer that of slaves before the Battle of Kaitian, food and materials, humans also had dozens of saints, including more than a dozen high-level innate saints who were the mainstay of humanity, but the same situation of humanity It is still extremely difficult, because they are facing all races in the wild!
The prehistoric race is not a vague term, but a real number of more than 10,000 races, and there may even be tens of thousands of races. However, many races that are not in line with the will of heaven have disappeared in the flow of time, and the remaining There are many races that are extremely powerful.
The six major races of this ancient world are dragons, giants, demons, demons, ghosts, and aliens. Their strength is still more than a hundred times that of humans!
This is no exaggeration at all. During the Battle of Kaitian, Gu killed three thousand demon gods from all races in the prehistoric times. These are the three thousand strong saints. They are not the so-called holy souls in this world, but the true saint level. , that is, the strength of the so-called hand of God. In ancient times, one person could kill three thousand people by himself.
Hou Jun was even more ruthless. Taking advantage of the fact that Emperor Tian and Emperor Dong, the strongest of all races in the prehistoric era, were seriously injured in the battle with Gu, he planned a plot to tear the consciousness of these two emperors into pieces, allowing their consciousness to incarnate in thousands of ways, always drifting in the endless world. In the multiverse, there is no way to return for eternity, so it can be considered suppressed.
But even so, the entire prehistoric race is still a skinny camel bigger than a horse, and there are still 800 of the most powerful saint-level existences.
After humans lost Gu and Jun, they could only lead humans to escape across various time and space in the multiverse and ancient continents. This battle lasted tens of thousands of years.
The births of Fuxi and Nuwa were at that point in time, and in the prehistoric history of later generations, Fuxi’s birth was the turning point of time. Before it was the prehistoric calendar, and after it was the human history.
The three emperors of the human race stood up, the human emperor Fuxi, the emperor Nuwa, and the queen Tu of the earth. The three emperors were born, and finally