body suddenly shattered inch by inch, but there was no big explosion as imagined. On the contrary, everything around it was sucked in. Everything, matter, The energy and huge suction force spread around, even Pei Jiao and others were about to be sucked away. Pei Jiao quickly grabbed Wang Jun and others beside him, and they pulled each other together, right here At this moment, the long-haired beauty seemed to hear a faint chuckle again. Pei Jiao saw that she seemed to ignore the suction force and walked directly out of the moon. At that moment, Pei Jiao also He didn’t have time to think about it, but he just hugged her thigh. In fact, maybe it was Pei Jiao’s subconscious memory that caused trouble, but he didn’t think there was anything offensive in doing so.

The long-haired beauty seemed to have no feeling at all, and still stepped forward step by step, but Pei Jiao felt cold, very cold. Although there was no ice on his body, he just felt very cold, and all of a sudden he even started to feel cold. I kept shivering.
In this way, behind the long-haired beauty were connected several people and a half-disabled huge robot human soul weapon, and she walked out of the moon step by step. And in everyone’s field of vision, the entire broken moon looked so abrupt. It shrank inward, as if something was slamming into the moon. The outer rock formations and internal metal structures were constantly being sucked in. In the eyes of everyone in silence, the entire moon collapsed within a few minutes. It shrunk hundreds of times and became about the size of a solid iron meteorite.
“Falled, the strongest ancestral dragon Zhu Jiuyin, a former enemy.”
Pei Jiao looked at the moon with confusion, no, a miniature version of the moon. He shivered and murmured to himself. At this moment, his hand suddenly felt cold, and he subconsciously let go of his hand. He saw the long-haired beauty looking at him with a frosty face and saying, “How long do you want to hold her? Let me go! I won’t help you!”
Pei Jiao immediately forgot about the vicissitudes of life. At this moment, he simply didn’t know how to speak. He could only look at the long-haired beauty in front of him uneasily, and the long-haired beauty looked at him with tearful eyes. Xue Na, at this moment, it is like hell to Pei Jiao. No, it is a world more terrifying than hell. This is simply the legendary bottomless abyss.
/“Uh, wait a minute, where are Li Lian and the others? Oh no! Li Lian and the others are still at the core of the moon!!” Suddenly, Pei Jiao seemed to remember something. In an instant, his eyes became bloodshot. He rushed toward the moon desperately, but just a few meters away, he found that his lower body was frozen, and the other end of the ice was connected to a palm of the long-haired beauty.
“I have made the core of the moon imaginary. Such pure physical gravity cannot touch the imaginary life forms. You only need to enter the password and account number, and you can materialize them.” The long-haired beauty was cold. said.
Pei Jiao’s feelings wer