e was like a god in heaven!

Gong Yeyu put aside Pei Jiao’s hands, looked at the rest of the people and said: “I don’t care what you think of me, but I treat you all as partners! I also know that everyone is just an ordinary person before they die, and they all have experiences. We have to live the most terrifying death, so we are more afraid of death than anyone else. I know all this, so I say here, if you want to leave, you can leave, I will never stop you, but from now on you will never again If someone who is not my partner is left behind, then fight and die with me!” After saying that, he walked towards the location of the two demon king-level ghosts without looking back.
Everyone looked at each other with complicated expressions. Only Yang Xuguang and Ren Zhen followed Gong Yeyu without hesitation, and another middle-aged uncle also followed the three of them. Pei Jiao remembered that this uncle seemed to His name was Liu Yun, and there were just four of them, standing out from the team and heading into the distance alone.
Pei Jiao finally couldn’t help but roared loudly: “Gong Yeyu! I can’t die now! I still have my mother and sister to take care of, and I have to go back to Beijing to see if anything happened in reality. I still want me Promise you! I will never let Yu Neodymium Chen be harmed in the slightest, never.” After saying this, Pei Jiao’s tears flowed out. This was a very strange feeling. Although he had always been grateful to Gong Yeyu for saving his life. , and also helped him get revenge, but this kind of gratitude was just gratitude. Only at this moment did he know that he seemed to regard Gong Yeyu as a big brother who was solid, trustworthy, and could be shoulder to shoulder!
Pei Jiao wiped his tears, picked up the map from the ground, then turned his back and headed in the opposite direction where Gong Yeyu and others left. The rest of the people did not say a word. They all followed Pei Jiao silently. Slowly, the distance between the two sides became farther and farther.
/(Is this how I want to live?)
/Pei Jiao was walking on the road, looking at the map absently, but there were so many thoughts in his mind that he really couldn’t think of what kind of thoughts were his real thoughts.
(Yes, as long as I live, haven’t I always lived like this from childhood to adulthood? When I was a child, I saw that other children could wear new clothes, buy comics, and buy driver’s cars. Didn’t I always endure it? No. Have you been living a low-key life silently and survived?)
(As long as you live! I have worked hard to get into college, worked hard to get good grades, and worked hard to be perfect so that I can find a good job after entering the society. Didn’t I do all of this? Then live silently, holding the Wage, find a girl you don’t really love, get married, have children, and then when she grows up, won’t I always live like this when I get older? Aren’t I an extremely tolerant person?)
(But! But why can he live so free and easy? Why can he live so happily! Why can he act according to hi