the identity bracelet he left on the fifth-level priest clone in the ‘Interstellar Federation Safe Point’ .

Very few people know about the identity bracelet of the fifth-level priest’s avatar, and only a handful of particularly important people have this contact information.
“General David, in ten days President Beadle will meet with Archbishop Choate of the Great World War Temple. You are needed to protect President Beadle’s safety. Are you available?” Marshal Andre sent the text. Go out and wait.
David, who was in the Zerg world, saw the information on the identity bracelet through the fifth-level priest clone, and he couldn’t help but wonder whether this might be related to him!
/Whether it was to understand what Archbishop Choate wanted to do, or to protect President Bedell, he had to come forward.
As the deputy commander-in-chief of the federal military, he must fulfill his responsibilities if he wants to retain the identity of the federation.
Although David doesn’t care about his military status, with this status, he can benefit all his relatives.
“Where is the meeting place?” David controlled the fifth-level priest clone to reply on his identity bracelet.
Marshal Andre had a smile on his face. Admiral David still gave him a lot of face. At the same time, judging from the reply, Admiral David still had the same love for the Federation.
Generalissimo Andre has always been worried. He is worried that Admiral David’s strength will continue to increase and he will have the idea of ????ignoring power.
In that case, Admiral David is likely to become an enemy of the Federation, which he does not want to see.
Generalissimo Andre sent David the time and location, and after receiving an accurate reply, he returned to the conference room.
“President Bedell, you can go with confidence, General David will protect the safety of you and your entourage!” Generalissimo Andre said with a smile to President Bedell.
After these words were spoken, several ministers who had originally opposed President Biddle’s meeting with Archbishop Choate no longer spoke out against it.
In the minds of these people, as long as Admiral David is around, safety is not a problem.
Regardless of security issues, several ministers definitely support contact with the Divine Great World War Temple, because this is a major breakthrough in the diplomatic history of the Interstellar Federation.
The federal government can use this incident to publicize its achievements and restore its reputation.
Accompanied by Minister Chambers, President Beadle took the presidential spaceship and was escorted by a fleet through the military portal to the battle star.
President Beadle plans to take this opportunity to pay condolences to the soldiers of the Battle Star and conduct a tour of the war zone. This also shows the importance the federation attaches to the war zone.
When the fleet emerged from the military space portal in the war zone, a convoy consisting of two hundred battleships was already waiting in space.
The original escort fleet of two hund