id: “Understood, let’s go to the central area of ??the North-South battlefield. I have also seen the map of the entire fantasy land. It was the battlefield where the American Southern Army and the Northern Army fought. The central area is where the two armies faced each other. At the core, there will definitely be fierce fighting there.”

“Yes, that’s exactly the case, but the greater the danger, the greater the benefit. Not only can only true demon-level ghosts manifest natural weapons, but those at the top of the demon-level can also manifest natural weapons. , think about it, in a battlefield with tens of thousands of ghosts, or even hundreds of thousands of ghosts, how many demon-level ghosts are there? Even if the number of true demon-level ghosts is rare, we can still get a large number of demon-level natural weapons. This That’s enough, besides”
Pei Jiao squinted his eyes and looked at the smoke-filled place, and after a long time he said: “Besides, it can also let the free souls of all countries know that the world of souls does not rely on the number of people to gain advantage.”
The entire North and South battlefields cover an extremely vast area. Think about it, if thousands of people gather together, it will be boundless. As a fantasy site for a war of 100,000 people, this fantasy site is actually the battlefield of a major battle during the American Civil War. , although it is not as vast as Fengdu imagined, but the entire northern and southern battlefields are still endless and huge!
/Yang Dingtian’s natural weapon is a spear, about eight feet long, completely black, without any metallic luster. After Yang Dingtian refined this natural weapon, there was also a black light in his eyes, just Yang Dingtian’s eyes It is originally pitch black, so there is no trace of this black light.
The spear pierces the sun. This is a natural weapon that was manifested by Fengdu’s fantasy of a true demon-level ghost. It is considered a true demon-level natural weapon and has special properties. However, Yang Dingtian’s current strength is too weak and he cannot display it. The power and properties of this weapon come.
/But even so, a natural weapon with a capacity of more than 300, after Yang Dingtian has charged it with 150 parts of the standard energy, its power will be unstoppable to ordinary ghosts. Although Yang Dingtian He doesn’t know any spear skills, he just uses this spear like a stick to stab randomly, but compared to the power of this natural weapon, every time he hits those ghost skeletons, it’s a single blow. These ghost skeletons were smashed to pieces, and then transformed into standard energy floating in the void.
But who knew that the skeleton cavalry was not only much faster than the horses in the real world, but its agility was not comparable to the horses and riders in the real world. In the case of rapid sprint, it was actually just a skeleton cavalry. Pulling the reins, the skeleton horse under the seat stopped immediately. It didn’t even take two seconds before and after. Then it turned arou