has indeed been a great change. My obsession actually contains a tolerant aura field. No, to be precise, it is my tolerant aura field and my obsession that have merged with each other to form this new obsession. If I start from In terms of strength,” Pei Jiao stood up from the ground fiercely. As he spoke, a fierce silver light surged from his body. At the same time, waves of silver thunderbolts emerged from the void and surrounded his body. People around him suddenly felt a huge pressure. It was approaching, and what made people around them even more frightened was that this pressure was not the influence of the aura field, but just a purely mental pressure, just like when they faced the devil-level ghosts, a wave of Just pure pressure.

The power in Pei Jiao’s body was briefly revealed, and then he smiled bitterly and said: “I was the one who burned this new type of obsession just now. I didn’t expect that it would actually create such a power similar to that of a demon king, and it was burned by me. That obsession has hardly diminished at all, it is healing on its own. It is estimated that the burning duration of an obsession will be dozens or even a hundred times longer than the previous obsessions, if I am not mistaken.”
“These obsessions are probably the new obsessions created by the soul body after reaching the demon king level!”
Pei Jiao’s guess was indeed confirmed, because there was a person present who had just broken through to the Demon King level, Gong Yeyu!
Gong Yeyu’s strength has reached the peak of the true demon level for several years, and he has experienced several life-and-death battles during this period. His strength is only one step away from the demon king level. Although the distance between this step is the end of the world, he will He was trapped for a long time and could not escape, but he was lucky. At this critical moment, he encountered the battlefield of the combined devil again. Finally, relying on his long-term understanding and the test of life and death on the battlefield, he broke through at the last moment. Demon King level!
According to Gong Yeyu, after he broke through to the Demon King level, his aura field condensed into substance as expected and was completely integrated into his body. It was beyond everyone’s expectations. His aura field was as strong as expected. It condenses changes on its own during the battle, forming an armor with astonishing defensive power, and can greatly increase strength, speed, reaction power, and even attack power. This allows him, who is already at the peak of the true demon level, to become a demon king as soon as he breaks through. Rank, its strength has increased by at least ten times!
/But if that’s the case alone, the Demon King’s rank is no longer worthy of being called the Demon King’s rank!
The Demon King level is another soul level that far surpasses the True Demon level. Compared with the strength comparison between the Demon King level and the True Demon level, the strength comparison between the Demon King level and the T