‘s a little weird.

After doing all this, Pei Jiao no longer stopped, thunder flashed under his feet, turned around and rushed towards the Chinese army station. After a few seconds, he disappeared into the buildings in the distance, leaving only the people there. looking at each other
/The light curtain will shatter
Since Pei Jiao had made up his mind to stop the world snake Yolmgunter and the Fallen Wings group from destroying the core of Nether, he was considered a cruel person and immediately decided to go to the sky to stop the world snake. , otherwise once it breaks through the protective layer of the light curtain, with the power it showed just now, there may be only one person left alive on the entire Easter Island!
This long-distance run only lasted for tens of seconds. With Pei Jiao’s speed, he had already exerted all his strength. He just had to “liberate” himself into a thunder giant. After a while, he bypassed the many buildings in front of him. , there is an open plain in front of you, filled with all kinds of fighter jets and large aircraft, there are also more than a dozen missile launchers that are still emitting smoke and dust, and many soldiers and soldiers are busy on the field. The whole scene is like a battlefield. hot situation.
When Pei Jiao rushed over quickly, a large area of ??thunder flashed under his feet, which could be seen from a very far away. So when he arrived, everyone on the battlefield was very nervous until they saw that there were no black wings behind Pei Jiao. At this moment, these talents finally breathed a sigh of relief. Then, except for a few people who stepped forward to greet them, the rest began to work on the unlaunched missile racks, placing the huge rockets and missiles properly, ready to launch again after receiving the order. Shoot at the black dragon.
Pei Jiao couldn’t care less. He saw several officers coming towards him. He rushed up and grabbed one of them, and said directly: “Arrange a helicopter for me, and notify your army headquarters immediately. Stop launching missiles and any long-range weapons after I get up there, and don’t create any danger for me, remember this!”
These words were spoken so quickly and urgently that the officers did not react for a moment. They just looked at Pei Jiao with a slight stupefaction. Pei Jiao was anxious. Why would he have time to tangle with these people? He immediately panicked. He drank and said, “Prepare a helicopter for me. I’m going to go up there to deal with the black dragon myself. Also, tell the people at the headquarters that I am Pei Jiao!” As he spoke, he saw a helicopter on the parking platform in the distance. The helicopter ran over first regardless of it.
Only then did several officers react one by one. Because the matter was urgent, one of them immediately said to his shoulder: “There are important things to report in area three. Please contact the headquarters command post phone line urgently!”
Pei Jiao on the other side did not care about these explanations. He believed that the top military of