tely, this feeling of guilt came and went quickly, otherwise I don’t know what I am like now. .”

After hearing this, everyone was secretly surprised, because they had never heard of such a situation, and they didn’t know what was going on. So after asking several times, they dropped the question. Only Pei Jiao was secretly wary. , I also plan to find some time to carefully examine my own obsession and see what is hidden in my soul.
/“Since even I feel guilty in my heart, then let me test that passage alone!”
After Pei Jiao made up his mind, he spoke directly to the others without hesitation. At the same time, he looked firmly into Valkyrie’s eyes, as if he wanted to see through this peerless and elegant woman.
(Are you guilty? There are also those clips I saw during the battle with the World Serpent on Easter Island)
“Valkyrie, I believe you! Tell me how to return safely from that passage!”
/Valkyrie’s words sounded a bit incredible. She said that as long as they followed this passage, they would go to a hall with dozens of ghosts. That hall was a hall they had never been to. Pei Jiao You can carve numbers in that hall, but be sure not to take the wrong intersection. The only way to get back to the room where everyone is is to walk into the passage directly opposite the entrance passage of that hall, and then you will enter a place where everyone has been. In the small hall that you passed, don’t walk into the passage randomly after entering there. Go back directly from the passage when you entered, and then keep going along the passage, and you will return to the room where everyone is.
This move is indeed too weird. There is no pattern at all. It is completely like nonsense. Everyone is full of disbelief, except Stana who seems to have no doubt about Valkyrie. , if it weren’t for her lack of strength and her special ability being extremely important, she might have rushed into the aisle after hearing these instructions.
After saying these words, Valkyrie looked at Pei Jiao with his clear eyes. Although he said nothing, the meaning in his eyes was very clear, asking Pei Jiao if he believed in her.
“Now that I’ve decided, what if I trust you with my life?” Pei Jiao ignored the doubtful and surprised looks of the others. He stood up and said only this sentence, then strode into the passage, leaving the others alone. No matter how he shouted, he ignored him. In the end, only Zhang Heng and Yang Dingtian followed closely behind him. Yang Xuguang and others were about to follow, but they were unexpectedly stopped by Gong Yeyu.
Gong Yeyu acted simply. He did not stop Pei Jiao and the other three, but sat down directly on the ground. At the same time, he said to the others: “Don’t stop Pei Jiao and the others. He seeks kindness and gets kindness. Now that he has made a decision, No matter what the result is, he needs to bear it, maybe it is trusting his new partner, maybe it is risking his own life, maybe it is getting lost in this maze, but no matter what the result is, as long as he makes a decision, Then just b