rotective layer in an instant, and mixed with the aura field of the dark dragon.

At this moment, the Oberis Giant Divine Soldier raised his hand and radiated a large number of brilliant apertures, shrouding Rocky in it. At the same time, the Giant Divine Soldier rushed forward and punched Loki again. After hitting Rocky, the space at the top of his fist was shattered inch by inch like glass. The power of this giant soldier’s ordinary punch was so great. If it had been confirmed, let alone Rocky, even Even the dark dragon in the sky will be shattered to pieces, and even Easter Island will be bombed to pieces!
/But when this punch that shattered the void hit the dark aura field, there was nothing. However, in the blink of an eye, Rocky had already dodged onto the black dragon’s head, and he didn’t know how he did it. He did it, but at this moment he did break through the kilometer distance.
“I didn’t expect that the World Government really didn’t care about the safety of the spiritual pool. It used the trillions of dollars as water and just used the Oberis Titan Soldier. And I didn’t expect that the government’s pigs couldn’t even surround and kill Gong Yeyu. I’m really disappointed. Today I’m going to let you see the combined power of the Ring of Imprisonment and the World Serpent Yolmgunt.” Rocky stood on top of the black dragon’s head, still the hundred-meter-large demon god. body, just
At this moment, Gong Yeyu is slashing into the body of the World Snake. He is the pinnacle of true demons, and he also has a domineering aura. His strength is too strong. Once he exerts all his strength, even the World Snake cannot resist it, and he can see bursts of waves in his body. The purple thunder exploded, and the kilometer-long body exploded continuously. Balls of flesh and blood exploded like blisters. Just when Gong Yeyu was about to destroy the entire inside of the dragon, Rocky fell on top of the black dragon. He didn’t know what he was doing, but suddenly he saw the strange triangle in his eyes levitating again, gradually turning into a ring about fifty centimeters in diameter, and then the ring merged into his chest. among.
“Hidden weapon, Eye of Loki! True name liberated!”
“The Ring of the Nibelungs!”
Rocky shouted loudly, and when the ring integrated into his chest, in an instant, the broken rocks on the ground, unfixed vehicles and equipment, or broken pieces of destroyed buildings, and even some living people were Slowly levitating from the ground, all the black dragons slowly floated toward the sky, as if the gravity of the entire world had changed.
On the contrary, Gong Yeyu, who was happily raging inside the huge black dragon, was thrown out by a huge force. Like a purple cannonball, it broke through the sound barrier and flew straight out. In a moment, a figure appeared in the distance. A shining purple star, God knows where, was thrown away.
/“Hahaha, do you think the world snake only has the pull of gravity? Gravity has both suction and repulsion. Gong Yeyu, you idiot, just fly to the outer space a