ortunity to move to the central government. , so it is naturally impossible for him to smear his official reputation in vain. Since his daughter does not have the main responsibility, he will naturally not be stingy with the compensation. The bad thing is that his daughter is a little girl. I didn’t learn anything else well, but I just made friends with a gangster in the underworld!”

The middle-aged official seemed to be full of indignation when he said this. He said: “From the street surveillance video we transferred to the headquarters, we can see that the man was in the deputy mayor’s daughter’s car at that time. That man was But he was also present. When the deputy mayor paid compensation to Pei Jiao’s home, his daughter and the man seemed very dissatisfied with the result. Afterwards, they actually got a group of people to go to their home to cause trouble. They opened the door lock with a shovel while their home was empty and entered. They went to smash and grab things at home, but unfortunately Pei Jiao’s father happened to come home and immediately shouted loudly in the neighborhood to catch the thief. As a result, the gangsters were immediately frightened and acted cruelly. As a result, he My father did have the deputy mayor’s daughter involved in this matter, and even used the deputy mayor’s name to save those gangsters afterwards, but the deputy mayor actually didn’t say anything after he found out.”
/“So when we left China to welcome Pei Jiao, the country had already taken action. The deputy mayor would definitely be shut down, and his daughter would not be able to escape. As for those few gangsters, they would definitely go to jail or be locked up. Either kill, these are all certain, but what should we do now? Pei Jiao’s father is dead, and his mother is too sad and is still lying in the hospital. Only his sister is safe now, can It comes to mind that when he returns to China this time, he will definitely seek revenge.”
/When the middle-aged official said this, he also showed some bold temperament. He said: “If it doesn’t match my status, revenge is a matter of course. Now my family can be regarded as being destroyed. Who is right in this matter?” It is clear at a glance. If there is no “corruption”, it would not be a pity to let him kill all these people. But what should we do now? Are we really allowed to kill these people? Are we really allowed to degenerate? So our plan is to first Suppress him in one step. It is best to use your pressure to make him sign a peace contract. This can restrain his true intention and prevent him from entering the true demon level strength for at least a short period of time. Then we will solve it. Those people will observe him for another year. If he has not ‘fallen’, we will terminate the peace treaty and we may be able to recover him at that time. After all, he is a high-level escaper and is better than those fallen ones. The one who broke free is much stronger. If he also falls, I’m afraid it won’t just be as simple as turning into a real demon-level ghost. Thi