m whether the red demon was alive or not. Don’t talk about it until you die!

At this moment, the battlefield is in a mess. Not to mention the standard energy everywhere in the distance. At the core point of the battlefield, where Pei Jiao and others are fighting the red devil, there is not even an ordinary ghost. They are all overwhelmed by the red devil’s momentum. The field was suppressed from a distance, and the fake bullhead had broken off an arm and was half-kneeling on the ground to suppress the vibration of its obsession. John was blown away by the explosion wave and was nowhere to be seen. The entire core battlefield was just Pei Jiao was left standing alone.
Pei Jiao was about ten meters tall at the moment, surrounded by thunder and lightning, just like the Thunder Titan that existed in ancient mythological times. Although he did not have an aura surrounding him, standing alone on the battlefield like this did have some power of his own.
/Fire clouds were rolling in the sky, thunder and lightning flashed across the sky, and shock waves visible to the naked eye kept rolling and sweeping, as if the sky was about to press down. Pei Jiao could not see where the red devil was, nor could he feel the presence of the majestic aura field. But I also didn’t see any standard energy or any natural weapons, so the red devil must still be alive! I just don’t know where to hide
/Suddenly, a series of extremely sharp bat howls came continuously, as if there were dozens or hundreds of red demons, spreading far away in the cloud light of the explosion. I don’t know how far it spread. What was Pei Jiao’s reaction? A dazzling red light burst out in the flame cloud. What came into view was a 20-meter-tall monster with two pairs of huge and dark demon wings on its back. It held a handle in its hand. A huge saber of blazing white flames that was at least ten meters long, and the other hand held a long whip that burned fiercely. This red demon had turned into a huge creature, flying hundreds of meters in the sky.
Not only the change in body shape, but also the oppressive feeling of this red devil’s aura field is even more intense. Even if Pei Jiao is in the form of a thunder giant, he estimates that the speed, strength and reaction ability he can exert are only 50 to 60%. On the left and right, other souls that are not true demons can only exert 20 to 30% of their strength at most. What a terrifying aura field.
Of course, the red devil received a full blow from his heroic gun blade, so it was impossible for him to be unharmed. His whole body was definitely scorched black, especially since there were sparks flashing continuously on his left chest. The injury was almost Looking inside the heart, although the demon’s body is recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye, this is the most serious part. Because the current is still there, the recovery speed is extremely slow, and the red demon is visible to the naked eye. The aura field has also disappeared, although the oppressive force is even more terrifying.
When Pei Jiao s