deed many ultra-ancient ruins around the world that have been completely destroyed. The movement of these ruins is measured in ten thousand years. Although after so many years of time changes, these ruins have long been completely destroyed. There are no tiles left, but occasionally there are some strange creations left behind, such as the ruins that were discovered somewhere on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Some of the creations there look like nuclear facilities, similar to modern nuclear power plants, and these ruins has a history of millions of years

In fact, Pei Jiao also suspected that all this was just a coincidence. When the Mayans were destroyed, there was no modern science at all, let alone the accumulation of electromagnetic waves. How could they know it hundreds of years in advance? What about the end of the world? But then I thought about it again, since it is said to be a prophecy, then it must be something that is said in advance to be considered a prophecy. Otherwise, if it is said until something happens, it is called fart, not a prophecy, and Pei Jiao He also vaguely remembered that many years ago, there were scientists who debated the Mayan prophecies. He had forgotten which magazine he saw it in. He just vaguely remembered that it said that the Mayan prophecies had real evidence, and the evidence was the Mayans. They were the first people to observe interstellar magnetism. For example, their observation of Sirius is evidence of this. According to this person’s research, it seems that the magnetic field on the earth is undergoing a very slight change. Until 2012, this magnetic field Will reach a certain critical point, causing the entire earth to suddenly lose gravity, and then the air escapes from the earth, leading to great destruction. Although this prediction result is somewhat different from what Pei Jiao currently knows, but for the magnetic field paragraph The verification seems to be 70% or 80% similar. In other words, this Mayan prophecy is probably true?
Pei Jiao immediately became restless. He did not dare to tell Jenny his experience, because he had also asked about the crack space in a circumstantial way. According to Jenny, the government attaches great importance to the crack space. Even 70% to 80% of scientists believe that the cracked space is actually a wormhole mentioned in the theory of relativity. At the other end of the cracked space is probably a certain cosmic galaxy. Maybe the interstellar era of mankind will come from this cracked space. With this in mind, the government allocates a large amount of research funds to study the rift space. However, it is a pity that only souls can touch this rift space. With the current level of human technology, it is already possible to see the rift space. It is very reluctant, and it must be achieved through some kind of electromagnetic folding, and it is simply impossible to touch this electromagnetic space with the current level of human technology.
/Although the government also collects and manages more than 90% of free souls (re